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Fashion models, name your poison…


Here we go again, Lamar. We’ve got a major fashion show coming up, and the cost of paying good models would bankrupt us. Have you found a source for bargain-priced chicks, like you usually do?

I sure have, boss. I think you’ll be very happy.

So what’s wrong with this batch, Lamar? Are they zombies, genetic mutations, snake handlers, extremely moody….

Nope, they’re actual professional models and they’re willing to do our show for half price, with just one little, bitty demand. They want to be anonymous.

Why do they insist on that, Lamar?

Oh, I can’t remember their exact quotes, but it’s something about our fashion designs being grotesque, repugnant, appalling, infantile, an affront to womanhood, a putrid puke fest, an assault on the senses…