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Giant black cloud? How bad could it be?


Blog Guy, I wanted to follow up on an item you had a few days ago, about that gigantic 300-acre “marijuana plantation” that was found by soldiers in Mexico.

What about it?

I was just wondering if it’s possible to rent the plantation for nature study trips. Or fraternity parties.

Nice try. It’s already gone. We have subsequent pictures of troops burning all those crops.

Nooooooo!!!! I mean, gosh, that seems like a waste. All 300 acres of weed, up in smoke…

Hey, there’s thuggage in your luggage!


Blog Guy, it’s July 6. Isn’t that the date you usually announce the coveted Doofus of the Year Award?

Indeed, but it was complicated this year. A last-minute entry snatched the title from someone I thought had an absolute lock on it.

You said my butt looks WHAT?


fashion gun 490

Lonnie, what were we thinking? I KNEW we shouldn’t have booked a fashion show in Mexico, what with the drug wars, the gang hits, the brazen shootouts all over the place!

fashion vest 240It’ll be fine, Boss. Some of the models want to wear Kevlar vests on the runway, but those are pretty fashionable these days.

Oh, and don’t drink the water…


outside shower 490

Blog Guy, you’re not gonna believe this. I live in Mexico City, and I saw some dude showering outside a few days ago!

MEXICO/Yeah, the city council set up some shower booths to teach people how to save water while taking a shower.

Hit Man Camp? Pass the lime bag, slimebag!



Blog Guy, what are some things to watch for if you suspect you’ve chosen the wrong summer camp?

Good question. This would be one example. The photo caption here says these things are latrines at a “drug hit men training camp.”