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Big yawn on the South Lawn…

April 6, 2010


Blog Guy, I see lots of photos of Michelle Obama, reading books to school children. This is wonderful. What better way to instill an interest in reading and story-telling than to get to listen to the first lady. Her children are SO lucky!

The adventures of Hillary and Michelle

March 11, 2010

hillary michelle 490

“Funny story, Hillary. Yesterday I found a secret stash in one of the White House cabinets that they said hadn’t been used since you and Bill lived there….

Fatty pork and rotten eggs for lunch?

January 19, 2010

Blog Guy, I know first lady Michelle Obama cares about a lot of good causes. Which do you think is most important to her?

The Goofiest Photos of the Year…

December 21, 2009

I’ll admit my blog isn’t very good, but without goofy photos it would be far worse. Trust me. So this is the big day when I reveal the five goofiest photos of 2009. Below are two through five, in no particular order.

Obama in hot water at home?

December 16, 2009

obama home depot 500

Blog Guy, what does President Obama do in his spare time? He must have a lot of it, because he doesn’t have to commute to work or anything like that.

Now act REAL scared, Mr. President!

December 4, 2009


Boy, talk about your big coups! We at Acme Films expect the runaway blockbuster of 2010 to be our “Jurassic Park IV: Raptors Meet the Death Panels of Doom.”

Must stay awake… Must look interested…

October 22, 2009

Oh Dear Lord, will this doofus NEVER stop talking? Blah blah Afghanistan, blah blah Afghanistan… Somebody PLEASE hit me with a ball-peen hammer!

I didn’t know they required a tie…

October 9, 2009

Blog Guy, it’s well known that you’re a real romantic, whose sophisticated dating advice is followed by many. Here is a couple on a date in Washington, DC. They are leaving a restaurant after a leisurely dinner. I’d like your thoughts.

Just call him a fencing foil…

September 16, 2009

Quick quiz: In these photos, President Barack Obama is…

a) illustrating how his new death panels will work.

b) abruptly ending a promising political career.

c) pretending to be Luke Skywalker, like every other guy on earth.

d) about to provoke the Secret Service marksmen on the White House roof.

Actually, the best thing about these lawn fencing photos is first lady Michelle Obama’s expression. It’s perfect….

I hope you don’t paint for a living, Slick!

September 13, 2009

Readers have asked what I thought of Friday’s national Day of Service, in which President Barack Obama helped paint a house to show his strong support for volunteer work.