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Point that finger once more and see what happens!


Okay, here is a remarkable shot of Barack and Michelle Obama together.

I mean, to me it looks like all of a sudden he shifted from being the president into some kind of Rodney Dangerfield stand-up routine, and Michelle is horrified and doesn’t know how to react.

“I tell ya, my wife, she can’t cook.  At my house, we pray AFTER we eat!”

“Barack, what are you doing? You’re supposed to be talking about U.S.-China relations…”

“My wife here, she’s so slow it takes her an hour and a half to watch ’60 Minutes…’”

Gotcha, honey! It’s 4 a.m. and nobody’s here!


Blog Guy, you know a lot about the inner workings of government. I was wondering, how does President Barack Obama keep on schedule?

It’s not easy. A guy like Obama has three, maybe four appointments a day. It’s hard to be on time for that much stuff. He’s always looking at his watch, as you can see in this photo.

Michelle! Are those YOUR nostrils?


Welcome to a little feature I like to call WHAT THE?

Today we check our own news video section, to find footage of a new Michelle Obama figure at a Madame Tussauds.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Actual moving pictures of wax figures that don’t move at all. Pal, you can roll that video all day, and Michelle won’t budge unless the TV lights melt her.

As cosy as a high school gym?

“Welcome to our castle, President and Mrs. Obama. This is the living room, where we like to chill.”

“Very comfy, President Klaus. Quite intimate.”

“Take off your shoes and put your feet up on the coffee table. Here, have some of these Czech Sausages. My wife opened the can herself.”

Topless makes it to the top?


The results are in for the most popular items in this blog for March, and there were some interesting results.

Two of the top five posts were about the Obama family in “regular folks” situations. Him drinking a beer, her scooping food at a homeless kitchen.

Why does that waitress have bodyguards?


Blog Guy, I was wondering what first lady Michelle Obama does to kill time during the day, while her girls are in school.

I suspect the Obamas were shocked to learn how much they owe on the White House mortgage. It looks like Michelle is working in a local restaurant to earn a few bucks.

No Wonder!


Blog Guy, it seems like you used to have a lot more stuff about Stevie Wonder. I heard he was honored at the White House yesterday, so why don’t you have a picture of the event in your blog?

That’s a fair point. Here you go.

Um, not to complain or anything, but that’s just a couple of doors.

Those aren’t just ANY doors. Those are White House doors with Stevie Wonder on the other side of them. You just lack imagination. Concentrate on those doors, and you can practically hear him….

You left the Football in the restaurant, Michelle?


Blog Guy, I saw a picture of the President and Michelle Obama out on the town on Valentine’s Day, and she was carrying a brown paper bag. What would the first lady be doing with a bag?

This is very sensitive, so don’t tell anybody else, but you know the so-called “Nuclear Football” the President always has with him in case he gets mad and wants to nuke some country?

Where’s Obama’s Obama outfit?


Blog Guy, I’m very worried about security for Inauguration Day. With those huge crowds, how will they keep track of the Obamas?

All the Obamas are wearing super-sophisticated computer laser holographic microchip high-security credentials from now through Inauguration Day, as you can see in these photos.