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Too many Singapore Slings, I guess…



Quick quiz: a REALLY stupid place to pass out drunk is…

jury drunk vertical 240a) at your wedding, just before your turn to say “I do”

b) in a third-grade classroom, even if it’s the second time you’ve done that grade

c) at the annual Taliban Board of Directors meeting

d) in an anti-government street protest while shooting your slingshot at army troops

Yeah I know, you’re saying, “Well Bob, ALL of those places are pretty stupid,” which is true enough. But I’m going to go with the last answer, because that’s the one I have some photos of.

As you can see here, this protester couldn’t decide between having a few drinks or flinging stones at the soldiers, so he did both at the same time.

The Swiss Army Sock, darn ‘em



Gadget lovers, technology buffs, footwear enthusiasts, get ready for the all-new Swiss Army Sock.

SWITZERLAND/That’s right, the country that gave us that iconic all-purpose pocketknife is now designing new socks for its army, as these genuine, unretouched photos show.

The Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boys….



Blog Guy, somebody told me about a very unusual military orchestra the Russians have, but I don’t believe them. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Yes, probably the Bashful Brass, a group made up entirely of undercover secret agents, so they can’t let their faces be seen when they perform.

Snake away your tooth decay!



Blog Guy, I’m coming to you for help because of your background in oral hygiene.

What can I do about those deposits of gristle that get stuck between my teeth after a good meal? I brush weekly, but still some of that stuff won’t go away.

They’re like Charlie’s Angels, only nastier!



Okay sales staff, the big civil defense and security equipment exhibition is coming up, and we need to push our merchandise. Let’s brainstorm!

gun chicks vertical 260Boss, it’s me, Lonnie! What if we pass out glossy brochures about peaceful crowd control and stuff like that?

I call dibs on the first grenade!



Colonel Johnson, my office, immediately! You do recall, don’t you, Johnson, that it was YOUR brilliant idea to cut most of our training budget for new recruits?

You said, and I quote from your memo, “We can just give equipment to the recruits and let them go figure out how to use it themselves.”

Send in a SQUAT Team….



Blog Guy, you mentioned recently that when Americans travel abroad, the main thing we’re concerned about is whether the toilets will be suitable for our needs. I suspect you’re right. I’m going overseas on a trip with my friends, but I’m a little concerned about how to spot the facilities.

portajons 280I can help you. As you can see here, public Porta-Johns in other countries are often marked with a distinctive yellow POLISI, which I guess means GENTS.

Did you get to the part about the wipers?



Blog Guy, check out this bizarre photo. What do you suppose is going on here?

Uh-oh. This looks bad. Really bad. Has anybody else seen this picture?

minsk crop 260Um, probably millions of people. Why?

If I had to guess, I’d say this is a top-secret consumer group testing the new Apple iPads. These things are supposed to be in stores on April 3, but it looks like there may still be glitches.

Wait a minute, Blog Guy, I have to think an Apple product is gonna perform better than this, a month away from launch.

And the coveted Irony Award goes to…


Well, it’s time again for the big prize.

hong kong gun crop 240Regular readers know that every year on the day of the Oscars I take advantage of the frothing public interest in awards by presenting my own Irony Award.

That way, a few confused people Googling words like AWARDS and WINNER will wind up here on my blog, by mistake. By the time they figure out how to leave, I’ve got several more pageviews!

Ten jobs you’ll avoid if you’re smart


A reader writes, “Bob, I’m looking for a career, but I get bored reading all the fine print in online job postings. Are there any shortcuts?”

jobs combo 200 this oneWell sure. What you do is set up a filter so that job descriptions containing certain words or phrases just don’t show up at all, thus freeing up much more of your time for watching “Starsky and Hutch” reruns. The trick is to block just the right stuff, so use my list, which is based on years of career advice.