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I think she wrote her own vows, too…


Blog Guy, I’m getting married next Saturday, and I could use some advice in choosing my bridal gown.

fashion bride face 240Sure. Congratulations on the happy event! In selecting your gown, you should think about what message you want to send to your gathered loved ones, because that’s what the perfect wedding dress does.

You know, something like “I’m so happy to be joining my beloved soul mate on this life journey…”

But put it in your own words, of course. What’s the message YOU want to send?

Now, fashion news from Neptune!


fashion saturn combo 490

Blog Guy, please  help settle an argument I’m having with my girlfriend. Do they have fashion shows on the planet Neptune?

fashion saturn king 240Of course they do, as these actual photos from the Hubble Space Telescope clearly show.

Twice the shame, twice the idiocy…


As a blogger who watches stupid fashions all over the world, I’ve always been happy about one thing. No matter how dumb an outfit is, I only have to see it once.

fashion yellow 490

Until this week, that is. Spotting the outfit on the left, from New York, I set it aside to think of a way to express my contempt. Four days later I’m looking at photos from Madrid, and THERE IT IS AGAIN!

ALL of you girls are named Bambi?



Okay, Dr., uh, Smith, let me see if I understand what you’re saying here.

BRITAIN/You’re telling me that you can breed fashion models that are part human and part animal, so they can show our new designs but we don’t have to pay them? Is that it?

Do they look pretty presentable, all things considered? Antlers AND fur? I guess nobody’s perfect.

I’m sporty and sexy and what else?


Blog Guy, I was intrigued by your post about models having to get “instructions” before fashion shows. Were you able to learn anything more about what they were being told?

No, but I have learned more about how important it is to motivate folks just before a big event.

It hurts so bad! Too much to think about!


Somebody needs to help me out with this one. We have TWO photos purporting to show fashion models “listening to instructions” before presenting creations at a fashion show.


models listen 490

I can buy a team of surgeons getting final instructions before creating the Six Million Dollar Man, but what kind of instructions do models need to hear?

Five guys who NEVER get picked in speed dating


Well, Debby, I see all the best guys are already taken once again. I’m starting to think these speed dates are fixed!

loser combo vertical 280You and me both, Daphne! Put your glasses back on and tell me who’s left for us.

How much do you tip a lingerie model?


bombshells 1 490

Blog Guy, am I missing something? It’s the middle of February, and you haven’t posted any new Victoria’s Secret photos. Just warmed-over stuff from 2009. What’s up?

bombshell tips 240That’s what I’m trying to find out, stranger. I have some shots from a recent New York City event, but they are confusing and vaguely disturbing.

Five people I don’t want to meet…


Readers often say to me, “Bob, in your line of work you must meet lots of interesting people,” and I say to them, “No, not really.”

In fact, I tend to keep an up-to-date list of folks I DON’T want to meet, under any circumstances. It changes often, but right now these are the LAST five people on earth I want to see.

January’s top blog posts: a time for learning…


The traffic statistics are in for January, the first month of the new, slightly more educational, grown-up version of this blog, and clearly readers are coming along for the ride.

toiletead combo january 200The ten most popular posts for the month found readers enthralled by Canadian history, a serious look at improving airline security and an attempt to come up with the worst travel idea ever.