Oddly Enough Blog

Golly, I don’t have enough pockets for all my cash!

September 18, 2009

If  you get all of your fashion guidance from this blog – and boy, you should be easy to spot in a crowd – you know I pay close attention to police decoy fashions.

Models, we’re havin’ a Wingding!

September 16, 2009

Okay, fashion show staff, I wanna know who played this little joke, and I wanna know now!

You’ve reached the firm of Ponce, Bonache and Gotcha!

September 6, 2009

Blog Guy, do you stand behind the info in your photo captions? Is there a chance anybody ever pulls a fast one on you?

High fashion, it’s all in the execution?

July 31, 2009

Blog Guy, please let me jump in here quickly because I have special fashion needs which are fairly urgent.

So, you like shoulder skulls, Liz?

July 29, 2009

Hi, are you Liz? It’s me – Lamar – your Internet date!

So, at last we meet!. That’s quite an outfit, Liz. I guess you must have just come from some theatrical thing or something? Oh. You just came from the dentist, huh? Well…

A box of castanets for my pink bird, please…

July 23, 2009

Blog Guy, like many of your readers I have very special fashion needs. I dance the flamenco.

Nice melons, soldier!

July 14, 2009

Blog Guy, you seem to know quite a lot about how the military works in various countries, so I have a question.

Two thousand folks to avoid?

July 13, 2009

A few months ago I launched a Facebook Network Page for readers of this blog. It was largely a public service, so readers could recognize and avoid one another in social situations.

It’s ME, Grammy, all dressed up!

July 6, 2009

Dear Mr. Big Shot Fashion Designer:

I am writing to say I believe you designers should be required to include, on every outfit you sell, a label suggesting places where the thing can be worn.

Stand out, but not too much…

June 30, 2009

Blog Guy, you don’t know me… You never saw me, we never had this conversation. I know you help people with certain fashion needs find appropriate attire. I represent the 42 million people in the Witness Protection Program. When you’re disguised all the time, it’s not easy to look chic.