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Manure couture: worst men’s fashion



Okay, we all had our laughs yesterday at the year’s worst women’s fashions.

Today’s topic, awful new men’s fashions, is a bit more personal and painful.

list mens worst combo 320After all, I have to wear this stuff myself to set a good example, as you can see in the photo above of me and my brother at our grandmother’s recent funeral.

This was a year when we were treated to outfits too embarrassing to describe, knowing full well that we’ll all be wearing this stuff by spring. Heck, there won’t be anything else for sale.

Yeah, it makes your butt look big; worst women’s fashions of the year…



It was a year when models hit the international fashion runways looking like kitchen utensils, nutcrackers, forest creatures and, well, the recently deceased.

BRITAIN/You know it was a bad year in fashion when my blog item that was headlined “The worst dress in the history of Earth?” barely makes it onto my Top 10 Worst Fashions list.

Dream a little dream of me?



Blog Guy, I see they just showed the big annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on television.

fashion scary 260I know you had a few shots from it a couple of weeks ago, but it seems like you used to devote a lot more space to events like this. What’s up?

Fashion shows aren’t brain surgery?


fashion brains 490

I can’t put my finger on it, Lamar, but there’s something strange about the models we’re using for this fashion show. They’re not the usual girls, are they?

FASHION/No Boss, you said we had to save some money, and I had a brilliant idea. You’re gonna love this one.

Did you gals get enough coffee?



Lamar, get in my office, right now! You’re the one who arranged for the dressing room and backstage facilities for the models here at the fashion show, right?

model georgia face 220That’s right, Boss. You think I went overboard?

What amenities did you order?

Jeez, I’ll have to look at my copy of the contract, Boss. Let’s see. A mirror, a table, a metal chair, a fancy, deluxe, top-of-the-line coat rack, a splintered plank floor….

See the new models at the auto show…



Blog Guy, like many readers, I come to your blog for most of my automotive news. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t the LA Auto Show underway? How about some information on the new models?

auto show klum vertical 140Sure. We have hundreds of photos from that event, and I’m all over it.

It looks like red stiletto heels are really big now, and…

Let me stop you for a minute, Blog Guy. Those are legs and shoes. I want to know about CARS!

All you nutjobs, come up onstage now!



Blog Guy, if I’m not mistaken, the big annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held last night. I come to your blog for all my shameless retail lingerie news, so what can you tell us about it?

secret fashion combo 280You know, I got kind of bored with this one, but I can give you a few details.

I gather from seeing our photos that this year’s theme was “Great Acid Trips of the 1960s.”

She just watched “Casablanca,” or what?


crying model this 490

Quick quiz: The fashion model seen here is weeping because…

a) Peace in the Middle East is such an elusive goal.

b) There just isn’t enough time to help everyone who needs it.

c) “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is SO intense.

d) She is overwhelmed by the incredible beauty of a simple butterfly.

e) She doesn’t like her haircut.

weeping model 320Sorry, all of you who chose Middle East peace.

That was a good guess, but this lady was reduced to tears because her stylist cut too much off before a fashion show, and apparently she’s never heard of wigs or stocking caps or anything like that.

You sort of have to wonder HOW too much got cut off, what with all the mirrors they have backstage and the fact that models probably spend 98 percent of their time worrying about their own looks.

Remember the name Hulga Fekrat…


supermodels combo 490

Blog Guy, I want to pick your brain.

You’re going to need a court order for that.

No, I just want to make use of your wealth of knowledge about the fashion world.

fekrat 240 verticalWho are the very, very most beautiful supermodels in the world right now? You know, the ones that can light up a runway with their very presence.

Fashion and trashin’ in Oinktown



Lamar, I thought you said we were having our fashion show in the underground parking garage to save money. But it says here we’ll be on the real runway. We’re not made of money.

Boss, I’m all over it. I got us the cheapest spot. They’re practically paying us to take it!