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Do you validate, Mr. le Bon?


Blog Guy, I’ve had it with the U.S. economy. Do you know some other currency I could convert my savings to?

Have you thought about the Democratic Republic of Congo’s currency?

Frankly, no I haven’t.

Go to Goma and look up my friend, le Bon.

How will I know him?

He’s a Sappeur – the local name for a dandy dresser. You want a dapper banker, don’t you?

I guess. Is he legitimate?

Of course! Look at this stack of bills! Rubber bands and everything! Do you think just anybody can get rubber bands in Goma?

Sorry, but this is new to me. Where’s le Bon’s office?

He doesn’t have one. No overhead, that’s better for you. Plus, you get to do it outdoors, so lots of folks can see what you’re doing. What could be safer than that?

Give me your lunch money, sir!


A Mr. Johnson, from Kearney, New Jersey, writes:

“Bob, I know you have access to private databases, and I wonder if you can help me find somebody.

“When I was in gradeschool there was this class dork. His mother used to dress him in his dad’s old hat and a big scarf, and she’d put him in a stupid coat that didn’t fasten right.

A tip to avoid embarrassment…


Blog Guy, please help settle an argument with my boyfriend. Is it proper to tip bloggers at Christmas?

Absolutely! I checked with advice columnists, and the list for holiday gifts includes doormen, mailmen, trash collectors, bloggers and hair stylists.

Sales in the toilet? Here’s why!


We’re told in this caption that luxury goods on display at this Lux Only exhibition just aren’t selling very well. Why would that be?

Now, you take this engraved Blaser rifle, which by the way is an anagram for a blogger I know. Why hasn’t it sold?

Hit the trenches! Falling wenches!


Blog Guy, I was fascinated by your report from the Millionaire Fair. What else can you say about what those wacky rich people are up to?

It seems rich folks don’t like to go up to a bar for drinks, so now chicks drop upside-down from the ceiling to fill their glasses.

Pull up a chair, rich guy!


Readers ask me all the time, “Bob, you’ve delivered pizzas to a lot of rich people’s houses. So what kind of furniture do they have?”

Well, take a peek at a Millionaire Fair, where folks with too much money go to spend it.

Ho ho ho hold out your Visa card!


The holidays are upon us, for sure. Today, over in London, a bunch of actors dressed as Santa Claus, I’m guessing to stress the theme of peace on Earth and good will toward men. Or maybe they were reminding us to help others and be joyful…

Heck, I’m gonna deviate a bit and read the actual captions on these photos, rather than just guessing what they’re about.

Cindy, what’ll they pay for these in Fargo?


Blog Guy, these presidential campaigns look SO expensive! The candidates must be practically broke!

Oh please, don’t be so naive! It’s all about easy interstate commerce.