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Why is there garlic on our ceiling, Honey?


Hey Blog Guy, I know you love to cook and sometimes share culinary secrets.

Do you have a good recipe for homemade pesto? It’s the BEST sauce with fresh linguine!

I spoke to an Italian chef, and I think I can help you out. You’ll need a butt-load of fresh basil, some parmesan, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil. I’m going to make a trial batch in my own kitchen while I write this.

I really appreciate it, Blog Guy. Okay, then what?

Now, the chef said the key to pulverizing the basil properly is, you need a mortar and pistol.

Excuse me? I need a piece of army field artillery and a handgun?

It surprised me, too. I was able to find my mortar at a rebel gun show in Libya. I thought it was strange that even Williams-Sonoma doesn’t sell a mortar and pistol combo. Seems like they’re missing a good opportunity.