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So that’s basic cable, huh?



Lamar, we are very eager to see the new cable car system you’ve designed for our highest mountain, nearly 10,000 feet. May we take off the blindfolds now?

Absolutely. If you look through your binoculars toward Zugspitze, you’ll see the sleek, shiny cable cars of…

Excuse me, Lamar, it doesn’t look like there’s anyone inside that cable car. My GOD, there are people on TOP of it!

That’s right. That way, there’s a much better view and they can breathe in the mountain air.

There’s a HoJo’s at 20,000 feet…


Blog Guy, I see you’re finally back from vacation. So now can you tell us where you really went?

Yes. My pal Apa Sherpa and I went up Mount Everest. It was his 21st time, so it was a big deal.