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News, but not the serious kind

Where could this have come from?


Jeez, Lamar!

What is it, Boss?

There’s a really, really long, gross, black hair in my lunch! Where the hell did you go for this take-out?

Uttar Pradesh, Boss! I know a really cheap roadside stall there.

But that’s in…  Well, I guess it certainly explains why it took you four days to get back here to Orlando with it.

I’m surprised you’re not enjoying the food, Boss. My friend, Floyd, takes good care of me, and he’s there all the time, cooking, combing his moustache, cooking, combing his moustache, cooking, combing his moustache…

Lamar, what’s this little thing I just bit down on in my slaw?

Looks the the tooth of a comb, Boss. It’s red and it’s plastic… Very strange.