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News, but not the serious kind

Maybe they’re just grimacing in pain?


bodybuilders bikinis this 490

People, we know why we’re here. Our public relations firm has been hired by a bodybuilding association to improve their image, since focus groups tend to describe bodybuilders asĀ  freakish, grotesque, disgusting and hideous.

bodybuilder vertical this 240So. Who’s got some ideas. Lamar, you raised your hand?

Yeah Boss, I’ve got a suggestion. I think if we just got them to smile all the time while they’re onstage, people wouldn’t notice the rest of it.


Sure. Think about it. Everybody loves seeing a happy person. Look, let me prove it to you.

Okay, send that grinning creep show out here! Amazing, huh Boss?

Oh, yeah. It’s like night and day. Does anybody OTHER than Lamar have any ideas?