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Huntin’ scorpions, it never gets old!


Here we have another one of those situations where it would be nice to know just a little more about what’s going on in some photos.

The caption explains that these dudes are hunting for scorpions in a desert in Egypt, but it doesn’t say what they plan to do with the things. That means, under the terms of my contract, I have to MAKE UP stuff instead of using facts.

So here are a few of my guesses. These fat, juicy scorpions are….

* hunted on a regular basis because, heck, there’s no HBO in the area.

* sweetened and molded into the popular breakfast cereal, Little Frosted Scorpios.

* put into a huge scorpion press over at the bottling plant to make the refreshing soft drink “Stinger Zinger.”

I’ll have more of those chewy round things!

Blog Guy, I was recently in Bolivia, at a little restaurant on the outskirts of La Paz, and I had a WONDERFUL soup called “caldo de cardan.” ! really felt great afterwards and it even cured my hangover!

Say no more. Brown stuff in white gravy?

That’s it! What’s that yum-yum stuff in it?

Boiled bull’s penis and testicles. You find it in restaurants located near slaughterhouses. Use Yahoo Yellow Pages to find the nearest shop where you can buy the ingredients.

Isn’t there someone YOU want to offend?


Blog Guy, last week you ran a blog item about that chicken wing eating contest. That photo with the squishy chewed stuff and grease and everything, I don’t think it’s possible to get any grosser than that.

It is if you can crop a picture. See below.

Ewww! My gag reflex is kicking in! Aren’t you afraid that image will reduce traffic to your blog?

Tasty as a mouthful of scorpions!


Okay, we’re told that this is the guy who currently holds the world record for having the most scorpions in his mouth.

Again, in case you missed it: Guy. Record. Scorpions. Mouth.

Five minutes ago, before I saw this picture, I would have guessed the world record for that would be ONE scorpion.

Testicle recipes: cooking with nuts?


I just don’t know exactly when I turned into some kind of carnival sideshow barker.

testicles-240.jpgMy blog’s e-mail this week has included a photo of a two-headed dog, an offer of exclusive photos of a woman with 60-pound breasts, and a press release on a book where some chef shows how to cook up animal testicles for dinner.

Rat meat again? We’re not MADE of money!


Blog Guy, I can’t believe what’s happening to the price of all the necessities! Is there ANY good economic news out there?

rat-taiwan-160.jpgSure. It turns out the price of rat meat has sky-rocketed in the past year.

I don’t see how that’s good news.

Well, the price of premium rat meat is up, but you don’t want to buy any, so you’re immune to that increase. We economists call that “good” news. It’s having an impact over there in Asia. Did you know Cambodia supplies a ton of live rats a day to Vietnam?

Manure bomb chick falls into feces, flees naked!


manure-crop-160.jpgThis is the feel-good story of the month. It seems this woman trying to make “manure bombs” slipped into a tank of dung and fled the crime scene, naked. Police found her clothing in a field.

Now, a couple of observations. First, if it takes the cops more than 20 minutes to find her, they really suck. A naked, manure-covered chick  in a rural area stands out, except maybe during sorority hazing week. No guy in a car is going to pick her up, because, well, naked or not, a guy has to draw the line somewhere.

The Monumental Ironic Colonic!


enema-statue-160.jpgA frequent theme here is the sad plight of places that have no cable television, and must resort to other forms of entertainment. I’ve reported on singing dingossofa races and worse. But now, I may have hit rock bottom. 

In Russia, they just unveiled a bronze monument to, uh, the enema. I am not making this up. A health spa specializing in illnesses of the digestive tract commissioned a $42,000 statue of cherubs carrying an enema syringe. When balloons lifted a red drape into the sky this week, there it was

Two, four, six, eight, who we gonna perforate?


Come on in and have a seat, Miss Johnson. May I call you Velma? Would you care for a Nehi Orange, Velma?

Now please tell us, just in your own words, why you believe you’re the best choice to be the global representative for the Acme Fishing Tackle Company…

Head for a beach, and reach for a leech!


We have a photo slideshow of leech therapy at some hospital. Now, I know leeches have been used in medicine for centuries, but I keep wondering who was the first guy to try them? And how drunk was he?

Ernie: I’ve got an awful pain in my mouth that just won’t go away!