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Hold still! Everybody say China!


Blog Guy, now that the election is over I hope you’re not going to stop your advice for those of us who want to break into news photography. I’ve memorized your stuff on shooting luggage, shoes, handshakes andĀ  stairs, but I’m wondering when we’ll get to the REALLY dramatic stuff.

Ah. You mean gift-giving and folks in chairs.

I do?

Sure! Who doesn’t love seeing a whole bunch of folks looking straight at the camera? This shot has 11 people, but ideally you should have at least 20. A good place to go for guidance on this kind of shot is your high school yearbook. Look up photos of the Student Council, and study them.

Oh. And what did you say about gifts?

Well, next to hand-shaking, guys giving unspecified presents to each other are always fun to see over and over. Just look at these dudes trying to pass this chunk of whatever it is back and forth. Now THAT’S the human condition, right there!

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Above: Chen Yunlin (bottom row 2nd L), Chairman of China’s Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou (bottom row C) and Taiwan’s Straits Exchange Foundation Chairman P.K. Chiang (bottom row 2nd R) pose in Taipei, November 6, 2008.

Time for the cape escape, Lonnie!


Hello, and welcome back to a popular feature we like to call, “Things Maybe we should have Explained in the Caption, but Didn’t.”

The photo caption below says these guys are assistants, “preparing for a bullfight.”

Weren’t you a princess or something?


Blog Guy, I collect photos of very unlikely matchings of people. Last year you arranged for a picture of comedian Jimmie Walker and columnist Ann Coulter.

Yes, I remember. That was quite a job! How is your collection coming along?

Not well. You’re the only person who actually provides this service. Now I want a shot of boxing promoter Don King and the Duchess of York, side by side. King needs to be wearing a stupid-looking jacket and holding an Israeli flag.

Campaign’s emotional baggage

Blog Guy, your recent posts about political coverage have been a virtual textbook for aspiring photojournalists, what with pieces on shooting shoes, handshakes, stair-climbing and what-not. What else makes for a great photo?

Luggage, for sure.

You mean like suitcases?

Yep, especially journalists’ suitcases. The public has an insatiable appetite for details of what kind of luggage we travel with, as you can see from these photos from yesterday.

At this time, we will board all candidates…


Blog Guy, I love the way your blog offers tips to aspiring photojournalists. I’ve memorized your advice on shooting handshakes and shoes. What other elements make for a great political photo?


Stairs. If you are able to spot candidates climbing back onto their campaign plane, readers eat that up. I find roughly 8,500,000 tarmac stair-climbing photos from this campaign alone, and I’m thinking of publishing a coffee table book called, “Steps to the White House.”

Look! It’s old Maverick-Face!


Blog Guy, does Republican candidate John McCain seem distracted these days?


Yes, he has other stuff on his mind. He’s auditioning for a spot in the the Oddly Enough Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop. He’s getting close, but isn’t quite there yet.

I’m not familiar with that institution.

It’s a VERY popular Washington, DC tourist attraction, right under the White House. We have 6,000 photos of famous people making incredibly goofy faces. And warm, tasty doughnuts, too!

Fashion? That’s right up my alley!


Confidential memo to fashion show staff: I hate to say it, but some of our creations for the upcoming show are kind of, well, to use the technical term, crappy.

fashion-bricks-brickshot-180.jpgIt’s in our best interest not to let folks get too good a look at them. So, here’s what we do. We hold our show outside, at midnight, at the end of a dark alley. Brilliant, right?

Call ‘em the Blues Brothers?



Blog Guy, I keep readingĀ political stories from England that talk about a “shadow government.” As I understand it, this is sort of an opposition party team in the wings?

Yes, but it’s very sensitive stuff. For security reasons, these politicians can only be photographed in dark shadows and murky blue lighting.

Reflecting on the candidates


I was a bit startled to read that right under plans for the economy, a huge number of voters say they will make their presidential choice based on how the candidates look reflected in sunglasses.

Still, if that’s what voters want, we’ll be doing as many reflection shots as possible until Election Day.

It’s time to give the oath of office to your shoes…



Blog Guy, a couple of days ago you showed pictures of Sarah Palin’s shoes, and said that was an important part of covering prominent women. That was just a joke, right?

Uh, sure, if you want it to be. On the other hand, this photo here shows Sarah Palin’s shoes at a campaign appearance in Colorado yesterday, and below you can see three different pairs of former candidate Hillary Clinton’s shoes from her campaign for the nomination.