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It’s all Kate, all the time…

February 25, 2011

kate middleton this 490

Blog Guy, where is a good place to go for coverage of Kate Middleton, that fiancĂ©e of Britain’s Prince William?

Egrets, I’ve had a few…

February 23, 2011

egrets flowers 490

An egret stands among anemone flowers…

* * * * * *

egrets this 240Honey, you can stop cooking, it looks like the Hendersons can’t make our dinner party after all!

Those are some pretty big shoes to fill

February 12, 2011

Blog Guy, you’re obviously a very cosmopolitan dude, a citizen of the world, right?

Fall fashions? Your slip is showing…

February 4, 2011


Johnson, get your butt into my office! You call yourself a news photographer? You’ve covered the fashion show all week, and not a single shot of a model falling down!

The one guy I can always depend on…

February 2, 2011


Blog Guy, can you settle an argument with the harpsichord player in my baroque ensemble?

Goofy beyond all words…

January 13, 2011


Blog Guy, recently I visited your popular Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop, and I bought several of your academic treatises on goofy photography in your gift shop. I read them all, even your 600-page “Goofy Prehistoric Cave Paintings and Stuff like that.”

Where else can you see stuff like this?

January 10, 2011


Blog Guy, it’s a new year, so that means your budget for setting up fantasy photos for readers has been replenished, right?

Earn a hundred million dollars at home

January 10, 2011


Johnson, get your butt into my office! You call yourself a news photographer?

What did I do wrong now, Boss?

I sent you out to take a picture of a hundred million-dollar Gaugin painting and there’s a woman in the shot!

Incredible photo; they shot each other

January 5, 2011


Although the new year is only a few days old, we may already have identified the most incompetent criminal of 2011.

Go on, it won’t bite you!

January 5, 2011

sarkozy jet 490

Blog Guy, I heard a strange rumor about French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

My dentist, who actually knows some French people, told me Sarkozy has a deep-seated phobia of jet planes and won’t go near them. Could this be true?