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You want goofy, or you want doughnuts?


goofy face combo 490

Blog Guy, you haven’t written much about your beloved Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop lately. You got anything new to unveil for the summer tourist season?

Hey, thanks for asking. We’re in an odd situation this summer. We can only open one new exhibit, and both first lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton want to be the subject.

DOUGHNUTSThat’s awesome, Blog Guy. So what are you going to do?

We invited them both to our Goofy Face Studios this week and asked them to give us a sample of their best stuff. Now, we’re letting our readers decide for us.

Readers, if you visit the popular Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop this summer, would you rather have us:

Saving face in economic disaster…



Memo to photo staff:

Okay, we all know the Greek economy is, to use a very technical term, going down the toilet.

greek finmin vertical combo 200Greece needs the world’s help and support, in large part because I’m thinking of going there on vacation in a few months and I want it back to normal.

Where in the world is Susan Sarandon?


Blog Guy, I have a bone to pick. You used to do a MUCH better job of covering actress Susan Sarandon’s vacations. That’s the only reason most people come to this stupid blog!

Yes, I’m so sorry, you’re right. I’ve let you down, but let me make it up to you.

Nine gifts that keep on giving


Let’s face it. I am never going to run out of goofy photos. Our photo service issues more than 1,500 pictures a day, so new stuff keeps on coming. And yet, looking back over the three years I’ve been doing this blog, there are certain old friends that keep returning for encores.

mult combo 490

Bonnie, my blog’s archivist, did some research and she tells me there are eight photos that I’ve used here four times each. Each one is unique in its own goofiness.

They do WHAT to themselves?


Well, it’s time for my holiday posting, so let’s see if I can find some nice Easter Bunny shots, or….


PHILIPPINES/You know, as I sometimes remind readers, my job is to look at pictures so you don’t have to, and around the world, Good Friday seems to be getting bloodier and bloodier.

Hey, from the back you could be the pope!


Hey, Blog Guy! It’s me, that aspiring photojournalist you’ve been mentoring…

You say mentoring, I say avoiding… What do you need to know today about the exciting field of news photography?

Who ordered the cream of bream?


I swear, some days it seems like all I do is settle bets for people. Everybody wants Blog Guy to judge their stupid bar bets, just because I have access to lavish media resources all over the world.


“Bob,” a reader writes in, “please settle a bet I have with my great-grandmother. In a fight between a sumo wrestler and a fish, who would win?”

All the cute you need….


Blog Guy, I’ve had a very draining week, and I need something to cheer me up.

I hear  you. I’ve had kind of an emotional roller coaster ride myself this week.

Fashion photography, the age of aquariums?


Blog Guy, it’s me, that aspiring photojournalist you’ve been mentoring.

Oh cripes, what now? I thought I lost you in the crowd!


Nope, your Afro wig and handlebar mustache are obvious fakes. Look, I just shot my first fashion show, and I wondered if you could critique my….

You’re naked behind those white bars!


My usual policy is not to blog about Spencer Tunick, that “artist” who goes around the world shooting photos of buck-naked crowds, often in front of landmarks like the Sydney Opera House.

tunick sydney censor crop this

I avoid his stuff because a) it’s been done so often that I don’t consider it news any longer and b) it ties up my assistant all weekend long, adding those white bars that protect my readers from breast blindness, etc. Imagine my overtime bill for sanitizing these photos here.