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Just slop it on! We’re movin’ in tomorrow!


Blog Guy, have the Obamas moved all their stuff into the White House family quarters yet?

Hardly. They have to fix the place up first, and the president-elect is still painting the walls, putting up curtain and so on. Plus, some of the items from Ikea didn’t come with the right little-bitty screws, so it’s been a big mess.

Really? The Obamas have to do all that themselves?

Well yeah! Who do you think is gonna do it? George and Laura?

Hmm. That’s strange. I’m surprised to see that big EXIT sign above a door.

Why? A president has to know the way out, just like everybody else.

If you weren’t such a Washington insider, I’d be pretty suspicious of all this.

The inaugural: a proud Legocy!


Blog Guy, are you in Washington DC? Can you give us some of the flavor? Is it wall-to-wall people?

I’m here, but I’m practically alone. And I should know, because when it’s over, I’m on the committee to take the pieces apart and put them back in the big shoebox.

Who’s messing with Obama’s mind?


Okay, staff, we’re all new to the Obama presidential team, but we CANNOT have a repeat of what just happened!

Do you KNOW what the president-elect DID today? He toured a fricking fastener factory, in OHIO! He even put on big plastic goggles and EXAMINED a BOLT, like it was interesting or something!

Get up and get your getup on!


Welcome back to our popular feature, Stuff maybe we should have explained in the caption, but didn’t. We’re told these photos show demonstrators in Edwardian costumes protesting the expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport.

Huh? And that would be because airport expansion was a vital issue during the 1901 to 1910 Edwardian era? Or because protesting without a fun period costume just isn’t done?

Seventy-six trombones couldn’t wake me up!


Blog Guy, I read that there’s an important meeting of Chinese officials going on in Shanghai. I know your foreign news sources are first-rate. I want details!

That would be the 2nd Plenary Session of the 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Shanghai Committee.

Look, it’s the Presidential Chorus!


Blog Guy, I heard there was some big deal at the White House today. Can you please check with your sources?

Under an obscure rule, every four years on January 7, anybody who’s ever been elected president and has a suit on can come to the Oval Office to reclaim the job. Today, they ALL showed up! Security folks kept them at bay with long poles.

Hello? Mr. President, is that you?


Man, I hope that preacher fella doesn’t recanize me. I owe him money. Please let him think I’m some OTHER guy with Secret Service guards!

Maybe if I tilt my head way down and don’t make eye contact, he won’t notice me. Or he’ll think I’m still prayin’….

Hail to the chief?


Blog Guy, I see President-elect Obama is vacationing in Hawaii. Do taxpayers have to pay to fly a bunch of limousines over there to drive him around?

I don’t believe so. I saw a picture of him hailing a taxi at the airport.

The president-elect rides in a cab?

Well, I’m pretty sure he gets to expense the cost, as long as he gets a receipt:

Eat right, and exorcize daily!


Blog Guy, can you explain why Joe the Plumber is messing with an unconscious woman in these photos?

That’s not Joe the Plumber.

Oh. Is it that guy on The Shield?

No. It’s some parapsychologist who communicates with spirits.

How does he know she has spirits?

If you look carefully, you’ll see she’s wearing black underpants. That’s a sure sign of evil spirits.

I never noticed this mirror here before!


“Hey fella, anybody ever tell ya that you look a lot like me?

“Oh, of course they have! You’re one of those celebrity impersonators, aren’t you? You’re real good! I even have a shirt just like that one!

“In fact, Laura and me have a sofa like that, too! You really did your homework!