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What the heck did they tell him?


Take a look at these pictures of President-Elect Barack Obama below. Top row, happy-go-lucky, not a care in the world. Bottom row, like a guy going for triple root canal.

And here’s what’s interesting. The top three were taken just before the election, and the bottom three, plus the one at the left, were taken after the election.

This is after less than a day of briefings and staff meetings where they tell him all the big secrets. Like about the alien plan to invade Earth in February. Like the White House television uses an antenna and won’t get H.D. Like Mississippi and Alabama will probably continue to be states. You know, junk like that.

Whatever they told him, if it can do that to you in one day, you better hope you don’t ever find out.

Laundry puts new spin on voting!


Blog Guy, I intended to vote on Tuesday but the lines were really long, and that’s my day to do my laundry.

I understand, that’s a perfectly good excuse for not voting in a historic election. But officials are looking for ways to make the hours you spend waiting at the polling station more productive.

The lever is stuck! He won’t stop waving!

Blog Guy, my neighbor told me that both presidential candidates have a lot of phony versions of themselves out there on the campaign trail. Could that be true?

Oh, grow up. Of course. Do you really think anybody could keep up a demanding nonstop schedule like that for so long?

What you need to know before voting!


I’ve received a number of e-mails this weekend from undecided voters, asking for last-minute advice. I’m afraid I can’t help those people. If you’re undecided 48 hours before voting, I’m guessing you can’t even choose a breakfast cereal for yourself.

However, it has been a long campaign and it’s worth revisiting some of the themes we’ve featured in this blog.

So ghosts have no insurance, Joe?


Blog Guy, Barack Obama seems to have created a monster with this Joe the Plumber guy. Is there a danger of that happening again?

I’m afraid so. Obama tries to engage as many voters as possible on the trail, but he’s often too vain to wear his glasses.

Campaign’s emotional baggage

Blog Guy, your recent posts about political coverage have been a virtual textbook for aspiring photojournalists, what with pieces on shooting shoes, handshakes, stair-climbing and what-not. What else makes for a great photo?

Luggage, for sure.

You mean like suitcases?

Yep, especially journalists’ suitcases. The public has an insatiable appetite for details of what kind of luggage we travel with, as you can see from these photos from yesterday.

Who’s that screaming at Window Two?


Blog Guy, I’m just a regular dude selling strawberry shortcake down here in Florida. I have a recurring nightmare that one day a presidential candidate will just stick his big grinning face right through my window.

That would push me over the edge, for sure. What are the actual chances of this kind of a strawberry shortcake window political intrusion?

Just think, behind that very door!


Blog Guy, you seem to know a lot about politics, and I’m hoping you can answer a tough question for me.

mccain-door-crop-160.jpgI’ll sure try.

Well, you know when those candidates go to campaign rallies in buildings? I was wondering what the back doors look like on those places. 

At this time, we will board all candidates…


Blog Guy, I love the way your blog offers tips to aspiring photojournalists. I’ve memorized your advice on shooting handshakes and shoes. What other elements make for a great political photo?


Stairs. If you are able to spot candidates climbing back onto their campaign plane, readers eat that up. I find roughly 8,500,000 tarmac stair-climbing photos from this campaign alone, and I’m thinking of publishing a coffee table book called, “Steps to the White House.”

Don’t “quote” me on this…


Blog Guy, I saw a picture of presidential candidate John McCain using “air quotes” yesterday. What was that about?

mccain-air-quotes-crop-220.jpgIt could have been a couple of things. I think when he talks about his time as a prisoner of war he puts air quotes around “Hanoi Hilton,” because he wants people to know it wasn’t a REAL Hilton, which in many cases would be nicer than a prison cell.