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Oh sure, Mom, you saw WHO?


obama-breakfast-woman.jpgDear Patty, I’m afraid Mom has had another setback in the area of hallucinating.

She has been doing so well, but today at breakfast she dropped her fork, crawled over to the next booth to get it, and claimed she saw the Obamas and the Bidens. Like all they have to do with their time is have waffles and patty sausages here at the Yankee Kitchen!

You may disagree, Patty, but I consider this to be even worse than last month, when she saw all four Beatles over there at Applebee’s!

Anyways, we wouldn’t play along with her. Doc told us to just ignore her, and she’ll soon stop making up this hogwash!

How’s the war? What’s the score?


swiss-army-knife-140.jpgYou can tell a lot about a country by the titles they give their officials. You take Samuel Schmid, named in this caption as the Swiss Defense and Sport Minister. Huh? How does THAT work?

Swiss President: What news have you, Schmid?

Schmid: It is horrible! France and Italy are poised to attack us with bombers, missiles and paratroopers!

The worst sitcom I’ve ever seen!


obama-bill-clinton-200-00826.jpgGeez, this is some kind of horrible nightmare!

I’m in my Econo Lodge motel room in Montana, and I’m ready for a perfect evening – a tumbler of creme de menthe, the TV Guide crossword puzzle, and some good sitcoms. Maybe “Dick Van Dyke” or “Laverne and Shirley.”

But NO! It turns out the only thing on TV here is reruns of  “Those Darned Clintons,” and I’ve seen every episode! That wacky wife who always wants to be in the show, the nutty husband who makes everybody call him “Mr President” even though he isn’t… 

Hi! I’m running for the Pepsi Challenge!


obama-pepsi-1-200.jpgOkay folks, this new Pepsi ad campaign is gonna make history! I see a kind of slice-of-life commercial, where some big-name spokesman goes into a diner and talks to people about thirst-quenching goodness.

He says, you know, something like, “Is it hot enough for you folks? On a day like this, nothing beats the refreshing taste of an ice-cold Pepsi!

Pssst! I decided to run again, Dad!


bush-crop-0808-100.jpgWhat did one President Bush say to the other President Bush at an embassy dedication in Beijing?

Me and Laura are orderin’ some Chinese carry-out tonight, Dad. You in?”

Workin’ in the Cole mine…


Hey, Blog Guy – I’ve read that President Bush is a big fan of legendary songwriter Cole Porter. Is that true?

Yes. He even performed recently at an annual gathering of fans of the songwriter, “Friends of Cole,” though it was a bit embarrassing. Due to an unfortunate typo, Bush’s staff had brought along a huge banner with the songwriter’s name misspelled, as you can see in this photo.

Secret Service tots: nothing rattles them!


bush_baby_sunglasses_crop_200.jpgBlog Guy, is it just me, or has the Secret Service started using younger agents.

You’re right. Due to a misprint in a Secret Service recruiting ad, the entry age for agents was cut recently from 21 years to 21 WEEKS!

An agency official admitted the resulting change has been rough. “We’ve had teething problems,” he said.

You put Jagermeister in Dr Pepper?


Hey, Blog Guy, did you know Barack Obama is out of the country?

Yes. It’s been in the news.

obama-mayor-2-200.jpgSo, I hear he got into a bare-knuckle throw-down with some German guy. Is that right?

These things get blown out of proportion. Look, Obama and the Mayor of Berlin were discussing the best way to drink Jagermeister, and things got a bit heated. The mayor made fists and said, “My friends will settle this!”

Where’d you get the turkey leg, Mr. President?


bush-hat-basket-2-200.jpgBlog Guy, I see a lot of pictures of President Bush wearing various baseball caps. I was wondering, where does he get those?

Right. Whenever Air Force One lands, there’s a designated “basket lady.” She’s allowed through security with assorted small items to sell to the President. Baseball caps, tangerines, meat products…

Doncha recanize this smile?


bush-and-women-crop-120.jpg“So, you girls come here often? What’s yer sign? Hot enough fer ya in DC?

“What do I DO? Doncha recanize me?

“I’ll give ya a hint. I’m on TV EVERY day!

“Naw, I’m not Regis, but that’s a good guess. Does the name President Bush ring a bell?