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Those are some pretty big shoes to fill


Blog Guy, you’re obviously a very cosmopolitan dude, a citizen of the world, right?

Well, growing up in Indianapolis we supposedly had some Belgians living on our block, although I never actually saw them.


I guess that will do. I heard a rumor that people in Brazil never wear shoes, and I wanted to check that out.

You mean during Carnival? Because if you were paying attention, I covered that this week.



sunglasses biden 490

Blog Guy, I know you’re a Washington insider. Can you tell me what, more than anything else, President Obama respects in other people?

sunglasses obama 200I mean, is it honesty, loyalty, intelligence, empathy, the ability to communicate?

Be sure to wear some flour in your hair…




Welcome back to a regular little feature we like to call, “Stuff maybe we should have mentioned in the photo caption, but didn’t.”

Pay close attention. I know this guy here looks like somebody with pieces of bread taped onto his head.

I want to propose a….yikes!


officials booze combo 490

Blog Guy, I have a question about politicians and alcohol. It seems like officials in other countries have a lot more freedom to drink than ours in the U.S. do.

Yes, it’s just an odd fact of life. Citizens elsewhere seem to be more comfortable seeing their leaders drink.

It’s like they always say…


Hey Blog Guy, I just saw some new pictures of Jean-Marie Le Pen, that extreme right-wing French politician who once called the Holocaust a detail of history.

le pen 300I saw those, too. There’s been a transition of leadership in his party.

You know who he sort of looks like? That baseball guy, the former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda.

Where else can you see stuff like this?



Blog Guy, it’s a new year, so that means your budget for setting up fantasy photos for readers has been replenished, right?

fantasy photo berlusconi 220Yes, and Reuters gave me a whopping increase, so this year’s shots should be spectacular. Step right up and spend my money, sir.

Have you had the meatloaf here, Hillary?


quiz show combo 490

Blog Guy, I read that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to a NATO summit in Portugal. What the heck do they do at a thing like that?

lunch 300The first item of business at those major international summits is to put in their lunch order.

You must be the new town crier?



Blog Guy, like many readers I rely on you for all my political news. So have the Republicans taken over control of the House yet following their victory in November?

Yes, finally, but only after petulant attempts by Democrats to delay the process.

Incredible photo; they shot each other



Although the new year is only a few days old, we may already have identified the most incompetent criminal of 2011.

He is the dimwit in the far left who is about to assassinate a local village politician in the Philippines who, it turns out, is pointing a camera at  him at the same time.

Where do Republican kids live, anyway?



Johnson, get in my office! I need to talk to you!

Oh no, Boss, what did I do wrong now?

TELEVISION-DANCING/Nothing. I have a great assignment for you. We’re gonna do a whole photo series called, “Republican 2012 presidential contenders: Where the heck do their kids live, anyway?”

Er, really, Boss? I mean it’s a very catchy title, but do you think readers care that much about it?