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And we’ll throw in a free doctorate, too!

December 11, 2010


Lonnie, it’s me, the university president. Can you hear me?

Yeah Boss, I’m at the art gallery. A bunch of our students are here demonstrating against the tuition increase.

Canine politics, fetching and kvetching

November 26, 2010


Blog Guy, do dogs have political views?

Not all of them, but certainly those graffiti-trained dogs do.

HONDURAS/There are dogs that are trained to spot graffiti?

They don’t spot it, they WRITE it.

They boil complex viewpoints down to some pretty simple words. Don’t get my golden retriever started on the IMF and Ireland’s economic woes…

Really? That’s your best argument?

November 18, 2010


Blog Guy, I’m guessing you lived through the 1960s, a decade known for political turmoil. What’s the most important weapon when the people want to protest against the establishment?

Tie me to the plank, Frank!

November 16, 2010

protest plank 490

Okay lads, it’s time we make our protest heard by those bloody politicians. They can’t raise our university tuition and get away with it!

Better call Geico, Boiko!

November 7, 2010


Does nobody ever listen to what I say?

What is Blog Guy’s first rule for politicians when they’re out in public?

drivers combo this 360Do NOT let them drive a car! It doesn’t give them the common touch, it doesn’t make them look macho, it just makes them appear truly goofy.

Let’s think this through, Lamar….

October 31, 2010

Blog Guy! You’ll never believe what I just saw!

Try me. I’ll believe just about anything.


You know Christine O’Donnell, that woman who’s running for the U.S. Senate who “dabbled in witchcraft” and is opposed to people entertaining themselves?

Sanity: you just know it when you see it

October 30, 2010

rally kittens top 490

Blog Guy, you live in Washington DC, right? Are you going to that big Rally to Restore Sanity today?

Do you have a flare for stupidity?

October 14, 2010


Blog Guy, me and others like me are being discriminated against. We’re dumbasses, and we don’t think there are enough ways for us to express ourselves these days.

Not just another pretty face?

October 10, 2010

Okay class, you’ve had a week to memorize our country’s cabinet ministers, who are VERY important people! It’s time for a quiz, to see how many you can recognize. Here’s the first one…

A cosmetic solution to our differences?

September 29, 2010


Blog Guy, as a Washington DC insider you’re an expert on high-level diplomacy. I hear countries have little ways of showing degrees of displeasure through diplomatic contact. Is that true?