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Blog Guy, it seems to me the American people are starting to send a signal to big government and Wall Street, that we’re not going to take it anymore. We’re fed up with business as usual. We’re saying…

odonnell this 220Oh, please. You call a couple of primary election surprises and some Tea Party rallies a signal?

Er, sure. What do YOU consider a clear signal, Blog Guy?

Try the marble sculpture they just put up in front of the Milan Stock Exchange. Now those Italians, THEY know how to send a signal!

Yikes! That’s some sculpture, Blog Guy. What’s the name of it? I bet it’s a four-letter word?

Good luck will rub off when I shake ‘ands with you…


Blog Guy, it looks to me like those Government Death Panels you write about still aren’t popular. Is President Obama doing anything to help sell them as part of his health care reform?

obama umbrella 300Sure. I guess you haven’t seen his promotional video based on the classic kids’ movie, “Mary Poppins.”

Time to get manly, Stanley!


macho putin 490

Welcome back to our very popular TV reality series, “Let’s get Virile, Cyril!” where we randomly look in on world leaders to check their testosterone level.

macho harper 260Okay, let’s use our Man-Cam to zoom in on some top leaders. Shhhhhh, remember, they don’t know we’re coming.

Wave, dummy! The president’s going by!



Blog Guy, I see the Obamas are vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard again this summer. Those lucky residents! They can just walk out on their porches and balconies and see Barack and Michelle. What fun!

vineyard balcony crop 300Well, yes and no. It’s more work than it was the last time Obama went to the Vineyard.

Election Day de-feet for politicians?



Blog Guy, I just found out there’s an election underway in Australia. Can you explain how the process works down there?

Sure. As far as I’m aware, it’s a unique electoral system. They dangle the candidates from ropes over a pool of water with a huge saltwater crocodile in it, and the one he doesn’t eat becomes prime minister.

Mr. Obama, let me talk to my manager…


obama ford this 490

Well sir, I do kind of like this car, if the price is right. What’s it gonna cost me to drive off in this today?

I’d sure like to put you behind the wheel, Mr. Obama. It’s going to depend on your credit rating.

Are you cutout to be president?


cutout obama combo 490

Blog Guy, my sister went to Washington DC this summer and got her picture taken with President Obama at some event. Is that worth anything?

It all depends on the quality of the cutout. You know, did they use good cardboard, nice glossy finish, great big grin, almost real, that kind of thing.

When goofy hats come back to bite you…



“Okay, big smile now, Chelsea!”

“Jeez Mom, I don’t think posing in these comical hats is such a good idea.”

chelsea painting this 360“It’s CONICAL, not comical, Chelsea. And why not?”

“Think about it, Ma. It’s only the year 2000. You’re still young.

It’s another razzle-dazzle death!



Blog Guy, you seem to be the only one really covering those Government Death Panels that were created by the health reform law.

SAUDI-ARABIA/I guess like most federal agencies, they’ve probably settled into a certain predictable sameness by now, right?

“Department of Violence and Evil, thank you for calling…”



Okay, this one just struck me as very funny. The actual photo caption tells us that residents in Najaf, Iraq, are protesting a visit by Vice President Joe Biden two days ago, but I can’t help noticing their banner rails against George Bush.

IRAQ-USA/BIDENI asked the folks at our Baghdad bureau, and they suggested that maybe the protesters were too lazy to print a new sign, too poor to print a new sign, or just hadn’t been told about recent changes in the U.S.