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Politicians and their pork…


Blog Guy, can you settle a bet I have with my bartender’s pedicurist?

More bets between random unlikely professions, huh? What is it this time?

That Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Has he ever seen a porkchop?

You know, I don’t think so.  In these photos from the Iowa State Fair he’s eating a grilled porkchop on a stick, and it looks for all the world like he’s about one bite away from chewing the napkin.

That would be quite a gaffe, wouldn’t it?

I suppose, although it couldn’t be any goofier than this other Iowa shot, of Romney holding an ear of corn.

The one you’ve already used 460 times in your blog in two months?

That’s the one.

Say, Blog Guy, why do you have a picture of Wilbur, the plucky little pig from “Charlotte’s Web,” in this post?