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It’s called the sport of kings, your majesty


Blog Guy, you haven’t written much about Britain’s royal family since the big wedding. Please fill us in on their activities this week.

Well, Queen Elizabeth, who loves horses, watched the Preakness. Here she is enjoying the thrilling spectacle, smiling because she’s happy to see a woman jockey in the lead.

Ah. Okay, did the queen do anything else interesting?

Yes, I believe she watched a beer.

She watched a beer?

Just for an hour or so. She seems easily entertained.

Hold on just a second, Blog Guy. Back up! The Preakness isn’t even going to be run until tomorrow! I caught you in a big fat lie!

You’re forgetting about time zones. Britain is a day ahead of us.

Damn! You’re very clever, but one of these days you’ll slip up, Blog Guy!