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Goodnight, sweet prince…


Blog Guy, recently your readers voted overwhelmingly that Prince Charles is the coolest world leader. In light of that, can you give us more news about him? Maybe something like that Queen for a Day thing you did on his mother?

I guess so. The problem is, Charles doesn’t seem to do much. We sent a camera out and what we got back was this combo, taken over a span from noon to 6 p.m., showing Charles trying to get comfy for a nap in his Royal Bed.

Wait, Blog Guy. You’re telling us Prince Charles, with his own palace, sleeps in a single bed with no blanket?

Yeah, those so-called “palaces” are really pretty small. They look impressive from the street, but they’re really more like studio apartments.

I say, Camilla, do we have a COUPON?


Ever since my readers voted Prince Charles the “Coolest Leader Dude,” it seems to me he’s doing more “normal” stuff in public.

Like yesterday Charles the Prince of Wales and his typical average wife, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, visited a grocery.

A winner in the duel for cool…


There’s no point keeping you in suspense¬†any longer.

Our week-long scientific reader poll is over, and by overwhelming majority you selected Britain’s Prince Charles as the Coolest Leader Dude, beating U.S. President Barack Obama and Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Here you see an emotional Charles hearing the good news today and letting it sink in. Actually these may be photos of some other events, but I imagine he looked pretty much like this.

More time to vote, Shoop Shoop!


If you wanna know
If he loves you so
It’s in his kiss!
(That’s where it is!)

Yesterday was supposed to be the last day of voting in our Coolest Leader Dude reader poll, comparing U.S. President Barack Obama, Britain’s Prince Charles and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Cool dudes, dashing in haberdashery…


Okay, it’s the last day of voting in our scientific Coolest Leader Dude poll, designed to confer that title on one international leader – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Britain’s Prince Charles, or U.S. President Barack Obama.

I must warn you that after a week of balloting, Charles has a massive lead. I plan to spend my whole weekend cooking the results, but I do need something to work with, like a couple of votes for Obama or Putin.

Cool dudes, alone with a cone…


We’re almost done with our week-long scientific poll to determine which of three international figures – Britain’s Prince Charles, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama – will be named Coolest Leader Dude.

So far, Charles is confounding the bookmakers by being far ahead in the reader poll.

Cool Hand Nuke?


Today we continue our scientific poll to find which international figure – U.S. President Barack Obama, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin or Britain’s Prince Charles – will be named the Coolest Leader Dude.

While I am absolutely neutral on this issue, I must point out that Charles has taken a disturbing and baffling lead in early voting, heading toward a result that could be an affront to all mankind.

Cool leaders with hot movie stars!


As I hope you recall, I am conducting a scientific reader poll to decide which of several world figures – U.S. President Barack Obama, Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Britain’s Prince Charles – is the Coolest Leader Dude.

It’s not like I especially care or anything, but all the other poll questions have already been taken.

Who’s too cool for school?


I comb through stories, photos and video from all over the world to bring you the news you need, and lately I am noticing a definite trend.

The world’s important dudes are fighting a nonstop battle for the coolest image.

It’s your turn to be snarky!


Blog Guy, some of us readers were noticing you never take a day off. You post stuff constantly.

I can’t take time off. There’s too much goofy stuff in the world. If I let my guard down, it’s the end of life as we know it.