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Bring yer goat, Earl, we’re gettin’ up a game!


Blog Guy, you used to write about silly sports around the world, but not lately.

Fair enough. Here are some photos of a rough-and-tumble Buzkashi match in Tajikistan yesterday.


Yes. Goat-grabbing. Players try to make goals with a goat carcass. It’s where we get the phrase “getting your goat.”

I’m not sure I believe that. Do they actually pick up the goat from the bare ground?

Check out the shawl, y’all!


Blog Guy, you always have a lot to say about movie remakes. I’ve heard they’re going to redo those Sergio Leone “Spaghetti Westerns.”

Yes. The hot gossip is that President George Bush will take over the Clint Eastwood role. Look at the picture below.

It’s the carry-out menu! You up for pizza?


George, I brought you a special gift. Italy’s greatest piece of literature, “The Divine Comedy.”

Hey thanks, Silvio! I love comedies. I’ll read it during the meeting this afternoon.

Who’s that screaming at Window Two?


Blog Guy, I’m just a regular dude selling strawberry shortcake down here in Florida. I have a recurring nightmare that one day a presidential candidate will just stick his big grinning face right through my window.

That would push me over the edge, for sure. What are the actual chances of this kind of a strawberry shortcake window political intrusion?

The reign in Spain stays mainly on the plane!


Quick quiz: The guy at the left in the picture below is the only one not jumping out of the plane because…

king-jumpers-head-180.jpga) He has a note from his parents

b) Wolverines stole his parachute

c) He told the others he just had to go to the bathroom first

d) He is the King of Spain

Okay, the right answer is d). As they observed in that famous movie line, “It’s good to be the king.”

It’s a split-level, with a half-bath…


split-300.jpgA riddle: How can a man leave his better half, but also take his better half with him?

Yeah, it turns out this dude split up with the wife, and thanks to the magic of saws and chisels, he left with half the house, as our video report shows.

Take this job and Chuvit!


chuvit-2-160.jpgToday’s topic is the media’s coverage of politics. In recent days we’ve heard our presidential candidates complain about “gotcha journalism” and other press tactics.

How do politicians show their frustration? Well, Chuvit Kamolvisit, a candidate in Thailand who was irritated by tough questions in a live television interview, physically assaulted the journalist.

Protecting the seat of government?


Blog Guy, my friend and I are debating which is the most elite military force on Earth. What would you say?

chairs-0919-160.jpgIt’s the legendary Ukraine Chair Patrol. In a country beset by furniture shortages, these troops are always on the move, ready to swoop in with ample seating so their officials don’t have to stand.

Refrain in Spain: Vote mainly for McCain!


spain-mccain-3-200.jpgBlog Guy, do our presidential candidates have any supporters in other countries?

Yes, I checked it out, and there is a very active group called Spain for McCain.

You didn’t check anything out. You just wanted to use that headline, didn’t you?

Archery: I remember yew…


archery-arrows-120.jpgYou know, if you look at pictures of Olympic events from past years, there’s a certain comfortable continuity. The tools of the sport – swimming pools, hurdles – look pretty much the same…

Except, what the frick are those guys using in the archery event? Those gizmos look like Inspector Gadget teamed up on a science project with Rube Goldberg!