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Showing off his gaucho marks…


Dear Blog Guy,

Do you really have anything more to say about this photo, or could you simply not resist the urge to make an outrageous pun in the headline?

Busted. Still, as long as it doesn’t happen too often, I consider that to be adequate justification. For precedent, I refer you to Superstition leads to best headline set-up ever… or Amid darkness, a light motif is the leitmotif

gaucho-360.jpgA young man riding horseback tucks a drawing of folk saint Gauchito Gil in his hat during a ride to Gil’s sanctuary in the Argentine province of Corrientes,  north of Buenos Aires, January 8, 2008. REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian

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You winsome, you lose some…


Regular readers know that occasionally, we suspend our obsession with the absurd, the ironic and the stupid, and devote space to the just plain adorable.

Judging from the traffic reports, even our jaded readers have a soft spot for cute animals, and if you missed last week’s Buster the Tiger slideshow, go have a look.

The importance of being Ernest


Hey, Blog Guy, I hear there’s a town someplace where everybody looks like the author Ernest Hemingway. What would that be like? It sounds very Kafkaesque!

Well, no, it would be Kafkaesque if they looked like Franz Kafka, but I know what you mean. You’re talking about a place in Florida where they all look like actress Mariel Hemingway’s grandfather for a few days a year. I believe plastic surgery is involved.

Seizin’ of the witch…


Fearful that Helen Duncan could see the future and might disclose top-secret military plans, the British government threw her in jail for witchcraft. The year was a) 1624, b) 1628, c) 1944.

The correct answer is 1944, and you probably got that wrong. Let’s try again. An embarrassed government pardoned Duncan in a) 1946, b) 1950, c) never.

Amid darkness, a light motif is the leitmotif


Rise and shine, Jonas, the sun is up, and it’s time to…whoops, it’s dark again…

Welcome to a part of the world where, as that saying goes, “the sun don’t shine,” and where residents are understandably preoccupied with light. As Sarah Edmonds and Johan Sennero report, the Swedes use both tradition and technology to banish the darkness. sweden360.jpg

Superstition leads to best headline set-up ever…


Javelin thrower Buoban Pamang says before coming to the Asian Games she had very little confidence, and hoped for a bronze medal at best. Then, she says, she had a dream about diamonds – considered very lucky in Thailand – and went on to win a javelin gold medal.

Or, to sum it up, you might say diamonds are a hurl’s best friend…. 

Risque crochet: from lacy to racy



These women have a proud tradition of making fine lace stuff – even a pope got some of it. 

But now there’s something new on their doily cart (obligatory pun for opera buffs), and now you can order their sexy undergarments on the Internet. 

Excuse me, which way is your men’s room? Oh….


How on earth would somebody decide to open a toilet-themed eatery?  Process of elimination, forgive the pun?  I guess we may presume that every other possible restaurant motif must have already been taken.  Send us your thoughts via Post a Comment.toilets360.jpg

A family eats at a toilet-themed restaurant in southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung June 29, 2005. Diners at the Martun, or toilet in Chinese, wait for a toilet seat in its brightly coloured tile interior. Food arrives in bowls shaped like Western-style toilets or Asian-style “squat pots”. REUTERS/David Lin

Wooden shoe like to play this game?


First, let me apologize for that awful pun. People have come to expect more from this blog, and I feel shame.  But I just can’t compete with the actual truth. 

This is farmers golf, played in the Netherlands with a stick that has a wooden shoe attached to it. According to Wikipedia, the holes in farmers golf are made by putting buckets in the ground with flagpoles beside them. The balls are much larger than those used in real golf. I am not making this up. If you can do better than that, drop us a caption via Post a Comment.  golf380.jpg