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You got a flare for the dramatic, Lamar!



Okay boys, some of you have never been in a big-time protest march before, so pay close attention.

flares crop 240We’re gonna walk through town waving these burning flares and it will be awesome!

Remember, these industrial flares are extremely volatile and dangerous, and they can go off in an instant, so safety above all. 

Everybody, put on your protective suits and hard hats. 

Now, do you all know Lamar over there? He’s the guy with no hard hat and his suit is unzipped.

It’s like Grand Central Station in here!


Blog Guy, I have to tell you I’m getting sick and tired of commuting, especially the 45-minute drive just to get to the train! I’m at my wit’s end. Are there any alternatives?


Yes. A growing number of commuters are giving up their houses, and renting living space at train and subway stops, as you can see here at the home of Herb and Bonnie Portmore, who now call a Paris metro station home.

Oscars for the arty Havarti movie?


avatar combo verticalLooking through our photo files, I keep seeing pictures of people wearing special glasses. I should check that out.

Where have you been, Blog Guy? They’re watching “Avatar” in 3D. It’s a blockbuster Oscars contender!

Two, four, six, eight, who we gonna radiate?


Hi Blog Guy, it’s me! The aspiring photojournalist you’ve been mentoring. Looks like you’ve got me for another semester!

Cripes. What do you want now?

icon combo 490 this one

Well, I have kind of a devious question. Let’s say I’m shooting a politician, but I want a very, very subtle way to make him look good, so readers will form a subliminal positive opinion.

Crack me another walnut, honey pie!


Blog Guy, I have a fashion problem. Lots of times on a date a guy will offer me a walnut, but I never know how I’m supposed to crack it.

dumb shoes 260You came to the right place. Check out these designer shoes, made to meet all of a chick’s nutcracking needs. One good stomp, and you’ll be scarfing down tasty walnut bits for hours.

Care to join me in a dip?


Blog Guy, as a professional observer of the human condition, you must feel inspired when you see man at  his very best, reaching for the stars, dreaming his dreams.

Indeed I do. For instance, when men and women give their all  to make the biggest taco or egg salad sandwich or pizza , just to get into the world record books.

Putin on the Ritz?


Blog Guy, you know those dudes that run Russia? President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin?

I’ve heard of them, yes.

putin car combo 490

Boy, I bet those are great jobs to have. They probably live the high life all the time and do whatever they want, eh, eh?

Top 10 heads that turned your heads in 2009


head crop 490

Readers often say to me, “Bob, your blog is so freaking lame, how the hell do you get folks to click on it?”

head oktoberfestcrop 220The answer, of course, is headlines.

I shouldn’t be giving away trade secrets, but journalists know that a funny, clever, or downright misleading headline can often trick people into reading something, no matter how bad it is.

You get one piece of carrion luggage…


Blog Guy, I know you’re a respected travel writer and I need some advice. I’m going to Kazakhstan next week, and…..

Do you mind if I ask why?

That’s a funny story. I got it mixed-up with Scotland, and now it’s too late to change. So what’s the best domestic airline for getting from place to place over there?

Is this Sax Fifth Avenue?



Lots of readers ask me, “Bob, if that famous author Franz Kafka, who wrote very, very weird stuff, had decided to do something else, what would it have been?”

And I always tell them, he would have been a photographer, and people would now talk about Kafkaesque photos instead of Kafkaesque stories. Here, you can see an example of the kind of picture Kafka would have….