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Okay, the next round’s on me!



Quick quiz: The troops in this photograph, clearly nervous and struggling, are…

shells vertical 220a) …playing a variation on Russian Roulette and wondering what theyhave to do to win.

b) …coping with budget cuts by looking for something pointed to set off their artillery shells.

c) …bartending students, practicing proper cocktail shaker technique.

d) …an elite “Hokey Pokey” unit. You should excuse yourself before they “shake it all about.”

I say! This is the BEST tug of war ever!


tug of war combo 490

Quick quiz: This man, the heir to an actual throne in a place I bet you’ve heard of, is giggling like a simpleton over…

tug of war vertical 220a) A Ricky Gervais stand-up performance

b) A Monty Python reunion show

c) A public reading of selected items from this blog

d) A tug of war

Sadly, it’s the tug of war, but there is more you need to know.

Prince Charles is attending some Highland games up in northern Scotland, and I guess a good tug of war is just about all they have to brighten their bleak lives up there.

So, you come to displace often?


pool this 490

Quick quiz: If you plan to beat the heat by going to a public swimming pool, be aware of the serious danger of….

pool side 280a) crushing human stampedes

b) dehydration

c) toxic exposure to cheap plastic inflatables

d) drowning

Sorry, this was kind of a trick question. I’ll accept any answer except drowning, which obviously is impossible as you can see in this photo of 146,000 frolicking people displacing about two quarts of water.

I say! What does one call that?


glastonbury charles crop 240Quick quiz: Britain’s Prince Charles, seen here in a double-breasted suit with a folded handkerchief in his pocket, is looking quizzically at…

a) A tennis match at Wimbledon

b) The races at Ascot

c) The Order of the Garter service at Windsor Castle

d) A dancer at an open-air music festival

Surprisingly, the answer is d).

I say surprisingly because you’d think, having been voted Coolest Leader Dude by readers of this blog, that Charles would have seen dancing before.

If only we had a Second Amendment, Honey!



Quick quiz: The people in this photo are…

CHINA/a) Trying some of that new Extreme Couples Counseling

b) Preparing for their first day on one of those government Death Panels

c) Wondering why it’s mandatory to own a gun just because they ride a Harley

d) Filming a low-budget Chinese remake of the classic movie “Bonnie and Clyde”

When the breasts are fake, and so is the doctor…


Quick quiz: Who would you LEAST like to find out is a bogus, untrained fraud?

FRANCEa) The guy fixing your washing machine

b) The yard man trimming your magnolias

c) The accountant preparing your taxes

d) The plastic surgeon doing your breast implants

Yeah, I think most of us would have to go with that breast implant thing.

In Venezuela, police have arrested a man and woman accused of impersonating plastic surgeons and providing women with silicon breast and buttock implants from an illegal clinic in an apartment.

Police were tipped off by a former client, and caught the suspects in an apartment which contained surgical equipment and a surgical table.

Why are we smiling again?



Quick quiz: These happy kids are smiling because…

students crop 280A) They all got dates to the prom with cute, well-mannered boys

B) They are confident that healthcare reform will pass soon

C) Their high school is burning down behind them

D) Two tons of marijuana, heroin and cocaine is ablaze, and the wind may shift their way….

Yeah, it’s the drug thing, although you never know. If the fire burns out of control, maybe it will reach their school and they’ll get a two-fer.  Meanwhile, it’s a great day to be alive…

I gotta do WHAT for a bonus? No way!


Quick quiz: Down in Bolivia, the ruling party has proposed a new Labor Code that would give workers a bonus for…

BOLIVIA/a) exceeding their sales quota

b) working on weekends

c) showing up for work early

d) showing up for work on time

Yeah, I missed this one, too. It turns out, the bonus would be for getting their butts to work ON TIME every day. That’s it.

Now he’s just pandering to the masses!


Quick quiz: The photo above shows… a popular Village People tribute group a Las Vegas City Council meeting an actual Hubble Telescope photograph of heaven a cheap, desperate, pathetic attempt to boost blog traffic by running a vulgar commercial event into the ground

Hey, congratulations to you readers who correctly identified the Vegas City Council!

Come back tomorrow for photos of a Las Vegas School Board meeting!

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Above: Models wave after presenting creations at the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York, November 19, 2009.

Livin’ large, lovin’ Marge!


Quick quiz: This traditional folk festival in Colombia….

    Commemorates the native people’s struggle for freedom Is nearly 300 years old Features colorful horseback choreography Is a majestic tribute to Marge Simpson

Wait a minute, Blog Guy! If it’s 300 years old, how could it have anything to do with a 20th century cartoon character? Do you get my point?

I do indeed. Thanks for setting me straight, stranger.

And readers, please come back tomorrow for photos from the 200th anniversary of Seattle’s Betty and Veronica Festival…