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Could you resist the temptation?


Blog Guy, you seem to be dropping the ball on Stupid Sports, which used to be one of your main coverage areas. Come on, there must be SOMETHING goofy going on among the world’s athletes!

You’re right, this is the season for Traction Distraction Racing, and I have to say…

Sorry, back up a minute. What is Traction Distraction Racing?

Oh, as race cars speed around the track, drivers face sudden distractions. Like this drag racer in the photo above, going 116 miles per hour when he sees hot models in stiletto heels.

Looks like he made it past them without rolling over or crashing or anything, huh?

It’s called the sport of kings, your majesty


Blog Guy, you haven’t written much about Britain’s royal family since the big wedding. Please fill us in on their activities this week.

Well, Queen Elizabeth, who loves horses, watched the Preakness. Here she is enjoying the thrilling spectacle, smiling because she’s happy to see a woman jockey in the lead.

Shooting through a glass, darkly…


girlfriends combo 490

Johnson, get your butt into my office! You call yourself a news photographer?

girlfriend 4 side 220Jeez, Boss, I thought I was doing better. What’s wrong?

I send you out to cover Formula One racing over the weekend, and you come back with shots of cars?

Look at this crap! Cars having wrecks, cars on fire, cars flying through the air…

Different spokes for different folks?



Blog Guy, I have a question about bicycle racing. I saw pictures recently where it looked like the tires the racers were using didn’t even have any spokes. Is that possible?

bike tires 320Yeah, maybe. Anything’s possible.

Really? That’s your answer? Where did you get such detailed, elaborate information?

Going out on a limb for readers?



Blog Guy, are you still doing those fantasy shots for your blog readers?

Yes, if they are interesting and have some artistic value. What are you looking for?

MOTOR-RACING/I’d like a shot of eight or nine chicks with long, shapely legs to die for, wearing stiletto heels.