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Batter Up!


kate pancake combo 490

Blog Guy, I know you’ve helped others with their photo collections, and I hope you can do the same for me. I collect photos of famous people flipping pancakes.

USA-POLITICS/OBAMAThat’s awesome. How many do you have?

More than 1,800, going back to a daguerreotype of Robert E. Lee flipping some in the mess tent at Gettysburg. So can you help me?

I probably can. Readers LOVE photos of people flipping pancakes. They sell like hotcakes.

See, I had hoped to avoid moronic comments like that.

Here are shots of presidential candidates Barack Obama and George Bush at pancake flipping events. Americans don’t like to see their politicians waffle at a time like that.

The key to a great Valentine?


locks shoes 490

Blog Guy, I really need your help with a relationship problem. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend is stepping out on me.

fashion locks vertical 220Stepping out?

Yeah. You know what I mean…

Oh. Jeez, can’t you try one of our other blogs written by smarter people? Like Faithworld or Felix Salmon?

Because you’re worth it, Honey…


royal rings kate 490

It isn’t often that one of my posts generates serious economic debate. But a few days ago I explained that we couldn’t show a copy-quality photo of a Gaugin painting, because then people at home could paint their own and flood the art market with hundred million dollar paintings.

BRITAIN ROYAL/RINGMy readers were skeptical about whether it really works like that, so I’ll try again.

Your bride is quite a ketch…


Blog Guy, I really need some of your famous fashion help to plan my wedding. We’re getting married outdoors, at a yacht club, and the area where I wait to enter the ceremony is quite a distance from the altar.


I’m a very slow walker, and I’m worried my fiancé will just marry my trampy bridesmaid if I don’t get there fast enough.

French kissing? Call ze Love Police!



Blog Guy, I need some travel advice. My wife and I want to go someplace really romantic, where folks are free to be very much in love. Any suggestions?

Of course. I’m an incurable romantic, too. I’d say Paris. City of lights, city of love…

Modern Bride? Not really…


Welcome back to a regular feature we like to call “What Year is this Again?,”  in which we offer up news items which make us seriously question which century we’re living in.

bridenapping 280Today, we learn about a longstanding tradition in Chechnya called “bride kidnapping,” which is just now coming to an end.

Congratulations, you may now wake the bride



Help me, Blog Guy, I think my marriage may be in trouble.

I’m not sure my wife still loves me. She doesn’t pay attention, she tunes me out, she frequently falls asleep when I’m talking….

bride crop 240Now, now, young man, there are adjustments to be made in every relationship. How long have you two been married?

Stop staring at my assets!



Blog Guy, I’m a young woman with an unusual problem. I’m just too beautiful.

Excuse me? How is that a problem? You can probably make money from that.

FRANCE-FASHION/I grow tired of fending off suitors and discouraging courtship. What can I do to turn guys off?

Hot fashions for the fussy hussy?


Hey Blog Guy, I have some fashion needs that you’ve never addressed. I’m a strumpet.

NEWYORK-FASHION/PROJECT RUNWAYYou mean the band instrument?

Not a trumpet you imbecile, a strumpet! You know, Jezebel? Floozy? Trollop?

Isn’t that a Coney Island law firm?

Gosh, you’re even thicker than I’ve heard, Blog Guy, and frankly that’s very hard to imagine.

This is what they call spiked heels?


knight director shoes 490 this

Blog Guy, I’m a loyal reader living in Scotland, and I need fashion advice. Can you recommend some good shoes for a knight out?

So you’re looking for stylish evening footwear?

leona shoes 260No, I mean KNIGHT, not night! My boyfriend is a professional knight, and when he picks me up for a date in full armor, I like to look like I belong with him.