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Dispensing with Kate Middleton


pez faces 490

Blog Guy, now that Prince William’s royal wedding is less than a month away, what’s the strangest souvenir you’ve seen so far?

AUSTRIA/That would be this set of PEZ dispensers, one of which features the prince. The candy comes out where it usually does, I guess.

Who’s that female person on the other dispenser?

Um, that looks like Morticia, from the Addams Family, with a mouthful of mashed potatoes she hasn’t swallowed yet, and….

You’re a total moron, Blog Guy. According to your own photo caption below, that’s William’s fiancée, the wonderful Kate Middleton.

A yarn about a close-knit family?



Blog Guy, I have some questions about that upcoming royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Can you help?

wedding combo 240You bet. One-stop shopping here, All Kate, all the time.

That’s great! I heard there will be a royal carriage used in the wedding, and I’m concerned about whether the harnesses will be clean enough.

Is the cavalry back with those doughnuts?



EMILY! How is our checking account overdrawn? What the hell did you buy?

Shut your cake hole, Herb! That stuff is for household expenses, every bit of it. Maybe you need to get a raise down at the plant!

BRITAIN/Let me just see that budget, Emily. Food, gasoline, rent, cavalry, medical… Wait just a minute. Cavalry, $2.4 million for February? But what do they DO?

You could almost pass for Prince Charles!



Ma, you wanted to see me?

Did you say MA? That is how you refer to the Queen of England now?

Sorry Ma, I meant Your Royal Highness, you wanted to see me?

Yes. We are very displeased! We have seen a popular blog using photos of you looking, how shall one describe it, GOOFY!

frame charles 340Yeah, Your Royal Highness, whenever I make a goofy face, they put me in that blog. I don’t even have to pay for it!

I’m not a princess, but I play one on TV


kate actress combo

Blog Guy, it’s me, the dude who’s addicted to Prince William’s fiancée, Kate Middleton. I need another fix.

Sorry pal, she hasn’t been out in public recently. I can’t help you.

Souvenirs: Selling Kate by the crate?


kate snerd 490

Blog Guy, I see they’re churning out all kinds of memorabilia in advance of Britain’s royal wedding next month.

kate face 280I’ll bet it will really sell, considering Kate Middleton is so popular and beautiful. Have any artists done an especially unusual job of capturing the charms of this lovely young woman?