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So it’s the nudes vs. the dorks?


Blog Guy, I’m looking to join a rugby team. I saw your item about Naked Rugby, but I seem to recall there are two different kinds of rugby. Is that right?

Sure. There’s the Stark Naked Rugby, and then there’s the┬áTraditional Old-Fashioned Rugby.

Right! Traditional Old-Fashioned, that’s the one I want. I’m in! Tell me about it.

Well, you smoke a pipe and wear a top hat and frock coat, and zip around on your Segway, as you…

Nobody booed, and the players were nude?


Okay, Blog Guy, it’s been two weeks since you wrote about any stupid sports. You must have something by now.

I sure do. Let’s turn our attention to rugby.

Hey, rugby may be foreign, but it’s not stupid!

It is when you play it naked, like the Nude Blacks of New Zealand.

Naked rugby! Who do they play against?

Last weekend they played a female Spanish team. The women wore clothes, as you can see here, and they played before a crowd of 1,500 people.