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You’re Putin that drill in my mouth?



Blog Guy, you haven’t updated us on Ronald Basler recently. You remember, you keep getting his spam at your e-mail address?

Things seemed to be looking better for him the last time, what with getting a Russian bride and taking a Napa getaway and everything.

Yeah, it’s hard to say which way Ron’s life is going these days. Too many mixed signals from his spam.

On the one hand, it looks like somebody will pay him to take surveys, he may get his book published and he could be driving a flashy new BMW.

Stretching the truth?


Blog Guy, you know that Dmitry Medvedev guy who is President of Russia? He’s kind of strange looking. Can you use Photoshop or something like that to distort a picture of him and make him look even goofier?

No. I never, ever use Photoshop to manipulate news pictures in this blog. It isn’t ethical.

Space dudes come “home” from stupid trip


Okay, I thought this was a goofy idea 17 months ago, and I haven’t changed my mind.

Back in mid-2010, I made fun of a Russian science experiment where six guys were about to “simulate” a trip to Mars, by spending 520 days in a mock “spaceship” on Earth.

A rouble for your trouble, my good man…


Blog Guy, how much does Vladimir Putin earn?

You mean as Russia’s prime minister? Not very much, I’m afraid. Why do you ask?

Well, my wife and I were on a trip recently and I’m pretty sure Putin drove our taxi in from the airport. I was just a little surprised, is all.