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From Sarah Palin to the jacuzzi floozy!


I understand this is a tad anticlimactic, since we’ve already announced this blog’s most popular posts for all of 2008.

But for you folks who wager on the best of the month, and you know who you are, these were the five most popular posts for December.

Naturally I was disappointed that my post on tipping your favorite bloggers wasn’t in the top five, but the readers have spoken.

Happy New Year to all, and please remember: friends don’t let friends not read this blog!

Palin’s a MAVRIK! What’s that?


Cripes. Here’s one of those end-of-the year stories where experts talk about the language in 2008. A dictionary publisher has listed the words that received the highest intensity of lookups over the shortest period.

I’m all for improving vocabulary, but first on the list was BAILOUT, and third was SOCIALISM. If people really needed to look those up, they should also look up PATHETIC in connection with our schools.

What you need to know before voting!


I’ve received a number of e-mails this weekend from undecided voters, asking for last-minute advice. I’m afraid I can’t help those people. If you’re undecided 48 hours before voting, I’m guessing you can’t even choose a breakfast cereal for yourself.

However, it has been a long campaign and it’s worth revisiting some of the themes we’ve featured in this blog.

Supporters get sticker shock?


Okay gang, listen up! Ernie came up with a GREAT idea I want to share with you!

As you know, we ordered WAY too many McCain Palin bumper stickers, considering most people can’t afford to drive their cars anymore.

But instead of just going to waste, Ernie sent them over to the rally, to have people stick ‘em on their heads! Kind of like hats, only cheaper! Ernie says it’s a solid sea of supporters with bumper stickers on their foreheads over there!

Well, they WERE wearin’ lipstick!


Hey, Blog Guy! I’m in Las Vegas this week, and you won’t even believe who I saw at a strip club! It involves a certain…

Let me stop you right there. You saw a Sarah Palin look-alike stripper contest, right? Now see, if the real candidate had been there, our reporters would have written it up.

Don’t “quote” me on this…


Blog Guy, I saw a picture of presidential candidate John McCain using “air quotes” yesterday. What was that about?

mccain-air-quotes-crop-220.jpgIt could have been a couple of things. I think when he talks about his time as a prisoner of war he puts air quotes around “Hanoi Hilton,” because he wants people to know it wasn’t a REAL Hilton, which in many cases would be nicer than a prison cell.

I’ll have a half-calf latte, please…


palin-1008-shoes-1-160.jpgA McCain supporter from Pennsylvania writes to say she attended a rally there yesterday and was impressed with Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

“I just wondered if you have any news photographs of Palin’s legs and shoes at that event, which I can save for my grandchildren?” she asks.

Put the groceries in the trunk, Senator!


It’s not a real presidential campaign until people start claiming to be dead-ringer lookalikes for the candidates.

lookalikes-mccain-240.jpgOne of these two guys will spend the next few years appearing at birthday parties, used car lots, and so on. Indeed, an obscure chick named Tina somebody is already cashing in by playing Sarah Palin.

Politics: let the heeling begin!


Blog Guy, a few days ago you did an item about how photographers cover the shoes of women candidates. I think you were just putting us on, and I’ll prove it. What kind of shoes did Sarah Palin wear at last night’s debate in St. Louis?

palin-shoes-1002-220.jpgThe highly technical term for those in the fashion industry would be reddish-brown shoes with high heels, made from some kind of reptile or something.

The debate: No subtle rebuttal!


Hey, Blog Guy! So, are you pumped for this debate tonight? Will it be dominated by the economy, foreign affairs or what?

debate-combo-this-240.jpgYou didn’t know? They’ve agreed to an all-out XTREME monster debate!. Look at this photo of the stage. The candidates will use backhoes, power drills, grappling hooks, flame-throwers…