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Thanks but no thanks, Cindy!


palin-global-initiative-2-200.jpgOh, what the heck is Cindy on about now?

She’s my boss’s wife, so I can’t say anything, but I’m tryin’ to watch “Burn After Reading,” and she’s here singin’ “Copacabana.” And she’s gettin’ the words WRONG! This is embarrassing!

Maybe I’ll get that Secret Service guy over here! What is it I say again? “Garçon! Oh, garçon!

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Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin (R) and Cindy McCain, wife of Republican presidential nominee John McCain, at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York, September 25, 2008. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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Sarah! Time for another big hug!


palin-hug-latest-180.jpgOkay, this is a blog for grown-ups, so I’m going to ask this straight: Does it seem like Republican candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin hug a lot more than, say, the Democratic candidates?

Being a cosmopolitan guy I also hug women I haven’t seen for a while, but I mean, these two are doing constant campaign stops all over the country together, aren’t they?

It’s time to give the oath of office to your shoes…



Blog Guy, a couple of days ago you showed pictures of Sarah Palin’s shoes, and said that was an important part of covering prominent women. That was just a joke, right?

Uh, sure, if you want it to be. On the other hand, this photo here shows Sarah Palin’s shoes at a campaign appearance in Colorado yesterday, and below you can see three different pairs of former candidate Hillary Clinton’s shoes from her campaign for the nomination.

Women in the news: thinking on their feet


Blog Guy, I’ve seen some recent pictures of Sarah Palin’s shoes. My impression is that readers are very interested in the shoes of important women. Do you agree?

palin-shoes-200.jpgYou’re so right! When people hear about a woman in a prominent position, the first thing they always ask is, ”What about her shoes?”

Look Cindy, a guy in a leisure suit!


Quick quiz: Republican presidential candidate John McCain is saying…


“Wave, Cindy! I think that’s my first wife over there!”

“Is that jerk fooling anybody with that comb-over?

“There’s one of the guards from the Hanoi Hilton! Yo! Nguyen!”

“Look what that sign says about me! It says… Oh. Never mind.”

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mccain-colorado-springs-1-360.jpgRepublican presidential nominee John McCain, his wife Cindy (R) and vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin take the stage at a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado September 6, 2008. REUTERS photos by Brian Snyder

Candidates: everybody must get coned!



Blog Guy, recently you had pictures of John McCain, Barack Obama and Joe Biden all eating ice cream, and you said give Sarah Palin a few days and she would also be pandering to ice cream voters. Well, she’s an independent-minded rebel, so are you ready to take it back?

You should check out these pictures of Palin in Wisconsin yesterday. As I predicted, she’s already cramming those icy scoops past her lips as fast as she can.