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Weekend at Bernie’s?


Two days ago I wrote about an auction where the government was going to sell a bunch of stuff belonging to big-time swindler Bernie Madoff, including some of his underwear and a pair of monogrammed slippers…

MADOFF/So just to update you, the auction was yesterday and it raked in more than $2 million. A 10-carat diamond ring alone fetched $550,000.

Believe it or not, somebody paid $6,000 for the Madoff slippers, and a grouping containing the sleazebucket’s underwear and socks went for $1,700. That’s right, $1,700.

The high-rollers who bought those personal items might want to see this transcript from listening devices the government planted in Madoff’s posh New York City home when they were building their case. Here is Bernie and a close business associate:

Why I never leave home…


melbourne cup 490

Blog Guy, don’t make any plans for tomorrow. I have tickets for us to go see…

melbourne women 320Let me stop you right there. Thanks, that’s very thoughtful, but I’ve already seen it.

Not another polish joke!


polish this 490

Get your butt in my office right now, Lamar! What’s going on out there? The fashion show starts in 30 minutes!

RUSSIA/Boss! You told me to make sure all the girls had bikini waxes. I bought a whole case of Kiwi wax and some rollers. We got oxblood, dark brown, black….

If the shoe fits, hang it…


Blog Guy, I’m a woman in need of advice. I spend 82 percent of my income on new shoes, so naturally the old ones pile up quickly. I hate to just throw out all my pumps. How can I put them to good use?

art shoes 490

Many women put their old shoes in picture frames and hang them on the wall. It’s very colorful. This one is in an actual art museum.

World’s ugliest shoes? Quite a feet!


red shoes 490

Lamar, I put you in charge of creating our label’s signature new shoe for spring. Our competition is the Holy Grail of of shoes, the stiletto in the top photo. The stuff dreams are made of. Sleek, sensual, five straps, platform soles, 14-inch heels. Lusty Cherry Red!

Let’s see what you’ve come up with to blow that bad boy out of the water!

Our Father who…clomp clomp…art in heaven…clomp…


pauls shoes combo 490

Blog Guy, I know a lot of big fashion shows are coming up, and you need to pay more attention to shoes! What about London Fashion week, which is going on right now?

BRITAIN/You’re right, I’ve neglected shoes, but I’ll change. Here are some radical, cutting edge shoes for women bold enough to wear them. Why, in my opinion… What? Uh-oh!

This is what they call spiked heels?


knight director shoes 490 this

Blog Guy, I’m a loyal reader living in Scotland, and I need fashion advice. Can you recommend some good shoes for a knight out?

So you’re looking for stylish evening footwear?

leona shoes 260No, I mean KNIGHT, not night! My boyfriend is a professional knight, and when he picks me up for a date in full armor, I like to look like I belong with him.

The 10 most popular posts for August


My blog’s visits and page views were up nicely in August, as readers continued to snap up news and information to make their lives a little better.

SPAIN/They flocked to our tips on eating lunch for free, women’s attire for hiking, and our analysis of the entertainment industry’s next Angelina Jolie.

Get out your hiking pumps, honey!



Blog Guy, you’re a serious outdoorsman, right?

Well, I don’t want to brag, but yes, I’ve spent my share of nights sleeping out in, what’s the word, those canvas things with poles?

USA/Tents. So I have a serious outdoor fashion question. My boyfriend is taking me to Valley of Fire State Park, in Nevada, to hike and check out those legendary red sandstone formations, and I want to know what to wear so I don’t look out of place. Help!

Sexy new car for the well-heeled?



Blog Guy, I drive to my office, but I can never find a parking space. I know you’ve blogged in the past about innovations in urban parking, but I wonder if there have been any more advancements I can look forward to.

shoe car vertical 160As a matter of fact, yes. A company in India is about to market a car shaped like a shoe, so yo don’t even have to find a space. You just pull up, get out and wear it into work!