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Step right up for the Creep Show Hall of Fame!


Blog Guy, I know it’s only November, but I’m wondering how you’re coming along in your search for the blog’s coveted Creep Show of the Year Award.

Oh, don’t worry about that, it’s a done deal. It’s a Creep-o-Rama, Creep-a-Palooza…

See, Russian police have arrested a man described by local media as the “cemetery collector” for digging up 29 corpses and dressing the remains in female clothing to display around his apartment.

Holy Crap! Do we know anything about the guy?

Well, friends described him as “eccentric.”

Are you making that up?


So is the winner coming to Washington for the big awards banquet?

You bet. We’re having it at a hotel over near Arlington National Cemetery. He says he wants to bring some “friends.”

Bone appetite, everybody!


skull bowl 490

Okay, the headline on this story, “Ancient Brits ate dead and made skulls into cups,” pretty much says it all. I can’t improve on that.

Perhaps surprisingly, I’m going to skip right over the part about eating the dead. It would just be too easy to compare what British folks ate back then with what they eat now.