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Uh, if nobody else is going to mention this…


Faithful readers will recognize this as part of our “What’s missing from this photo caption?” series.  Because, you know, I’ve been a few places and I’ve never seen anybody smoke like this. 

Is the idea that he can smoke and gargle mouthwash at the same time?  Or maybe he doesn’t want his mom to smell tobacco on his breath?  Send us your suggestions via Post a Comment.smoke260.jpg 

A believer dressed as Gede the spirit of death smokes a cigarette at a cemetery in Port-au-Prince November 2, 2006. Haitians celebrating All Hallows visit cemeteries to pay respects to the dead in a two-day national holiday that offers food, alcohol and flowers to Baron Samdi, the guardian of the dead in Voodoo.  REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Wow, for such a trashy chick you sure are classy!


True or false?
1) It’s fine to stub your cigarette out on a used dinner plate
2) The back of a taxi is a great place for a one-night stand
3) If you want to go topless, just whip off your bikini and set an example

If you answered false to all of these, you may be more refined than you thought.  Debrett’s, the bible of blue-blooded behavior in Britain, is now supplying etiquette advice in these areas, with a new book offering guidance on adultery, toplessness, smoking and other stuff that otherwise classy women might be confused about.

Animated duo lights up the screen…


They chase each other at high speed, wielding axes and hammers. But the famous cartoon duo of Tom and Jerry are in trouble now for smoking. 

A media regulator in the UK received a complaint from a viewer who objected to two episodes involving smoking — both were made more than 50 years ago, when cats and mice had filthy habits that wouldn’t be tolerated today.

Thank you for smoking…


I’m not sure which is worse – the fact that this little boy is smoking, or the fact that the “adult” was willing to give him a cigarette.  I hope the kid doesn’t ask for a tumbler of vodka, too. Cripes. boy300.jpg 

A boy smokes a cigarette, which he bummed from the man next to him, at Sangke grassland in Xiahe, western China’s Gansu province, August 13, 2006.  REUTERS/Jason Lee