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Are those Tic Tacs, or you got a rattlesnake in your pants?


Blog Guy, I’m looking for some of your sage career advice. I enjoy travel, working with animals, and maybe a little danger. Any ideas?

Have you considered the glamorous world of snake smuggling?

No, I haven’t. What does that involve?

The usual. Ladies’ hosiery, probably some duct tape, and, you know, snakes.

Cool! Are there openings?

There should be at least one. Some guy was arrested in Miami, trying to board a flight for Brazil with seven exotic snakes stuffed into his trousers.

Wow! That’s brilliant! That should have been foolproof! The imaging technology they use can’t even see stuff like that, right?

Deadly danger lurks in Snake Town


Ewwwwwww. What’s up with that photo, Blog Guy? It’s kind of creepy.

You think so? It’s just the boss of a snake farming company, in a village known as Snake Town, enjoying some snake meat at a restaurant.

Oh, whew. For a minute there I thought it might be something weird. I’m looking for a job myself. You think Snake Town is hiring?

Get out your daggers, kids!


Okay staff, we’ve been hired by the anti-government faction over in Yemen to get some publicity for their cause.

It seems that what with Bahrain and Egypt and Libya and all, nobody is even paying attention to the poor protesters in Yemen.

A sure way to get their attention…


We’ve got another fashion show today, Lamar, and money is still very tight. Did you manage to find us a model who works cheap?

I did, Boss. She’s dressing now.

What’s wrong with her, Lamar? There’s always something wrong with those cheap ones you get.

Name your poison, folks…



Good evening, folks, welcome to Snake & Shake, home of the Sssssssssizzling Cobra Burger! I’ll be your server tonight. Have you decided what you want?

Yes. My wife will have the broiled lobster, please.

INDONESIA/Very good choice. Please walk on over to that tank and select your lobster, ma’am…