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Sorry Mr. Trump, I thought you were someone else


Blog Guy, you look very upset. What’s wrong?

I’ve just seen the clearest sign yet of that onrushing Apocalypse I keep writing about.

That’s just a photo of possible candidate Donald Trump. We’ve already established that you wouldn’t vote for him. So what’s the new sign?

Look what he’s doing. According to the caption, he’s signing an autograph. The fact that somebody might want Trump’s autograph is…it’s just not natural.

Couldn’t there be some other explanation?

Well, that’s what I’m hoping for. I’m thinking maybe the guy asked for it as sarcasm, and Trump fell for it.

This shore isn’t much of a school….


Blog Guy, it’s been three whole weeks since you spotted the most recent sign of that onrushing Apocalypse. Can I bring my family out of the panic room now?

snooki vertical 220Not just yet. Were you aware that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, from “The Jersey Shore,” spoke at Rutgers University recently and the school paid her $32,000?