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Von Trapped with no way out?


What’s wrong, Blog Guy? You look very frightened and upset.

I am. A neighbor told me about an event involving Nazis and dog bites and bee stings and…and…maybe yodeling.

That sounds vicious. What is this thing?

You know that 1965 Julie Andrews movie, “The Sound of Music,” about a woman who works for a naval officer in a land-locked country as the governess for his hundreds of obnoxious children?

Those kids! Liesl and Hansel and Gretel and Sneezy and Goofy and….

That’s the one. Well, there’s an event coming where they show that movie on a huge screen, and people sing along and wear costumes and stuff like that.

Are there good seats left?

I don’t think they use seats. I suspect they just strap you to a rough post, standing up and facing the screen. I believe they show the six-hour Director’s Cut, complete with 22 additional songs, many of them in German.