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Signs that you made a dumb career move


Blog Guy, your career advice is very useful, especially your tips on possible indicators that we may have taken the wrong career path at some point. Thanks to your last one, my brother got out of the bee-wearing profession.

Thanks. Here’s a tip that a surprising number of young urban professionals tend to overlook, what with their busy schedules.

If you find yourself flat on your stomach and you can’t get up, look over your shoulder. If there is a 3,000 pound bull on your back, then maybe you actually should have READ the questions on your Career Aptitude Test before answering them.

Uh-oh, that one hits pretty close to home, Blog Guy. I myself was lured by a pamphlet called, “The Exciting Life of the Matador,” and once I saw the sissy outfits and stupid hats, I was hooked.