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Outta the way, Kobe! I’m shooting Jack!


Blog Guy, keep those great lessons coming for us aspiring photojournalists!

A bunch of us get together to discuss your posts on things like shoes, handshakes, group shots and so on.

We were wondering if you could give us some tips on shooting basketball games. With all that action, what’s the most important shot to get?

That would be Jack Nicholson.

The actor?

Yeah, or else Kate Hudson or Leonardo DiCaprio or whatever other celebrities are at the game.

And not the athletes?

Oh, grow up! You think anybody cares about a bunch of flop-sweating tall guys when there are celebrities there looking for publicity and pretending to enjoy themselves?

“Official” Barack Obama doughnuts!


Blog Guy, I’m going to Washington for the inauguration, and I’m so intrigued by your posts on the Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop that I plan to visit that, too.

Cool! We’ve just added rooms for tennis and boxing photos to our Goofy Sports Faces Gallery.

In a one-horse open slay…


Blog Guy, you used to do a better job of covering bizarre sports. I haven’t seen anything here lately.

Fair point. How about these photos from an annual sled race in Germany?

What’s so bizarre about a sled race?

Well, it looks like a guy gets to shoot at the racing sleds with a hand-cannon. That has to get the old adrenalin flowing.

Pole position: defaulting the vaulting


A reader writes, “Bob, yesterday I heard somebody use the expression ‘about as good as a Japanese pole vaulter.’ I’m too lazy to use Google, so can you please tell me what that means?”

Sure. This is a very common expression, and it’s pure sarcasm. It stems from the fact that while the Japanese are very good at many sports, for some reason they just don’t get pole vaulting.

Jumping the Arc in the dark…


Hey, Blog Guy! We’re five days into 2009 and you haven’t mentioned any signs of the coming Apocalypse. Does that mean we’re safe?

No, it just means I’m backed up. Here’s a clip of Motorcross rider Robbie Maddison ringing in the New Year with a spectacular jump in Las Vegas.

So, Adventurer is your first name?


Blog Guy, I’ want a career that isn’t just routine.

Well, I was reading about this guy who tried rowing the Pacific solo, and we kept calling him an “adventurer.” If you could get people to call you something like that, you’d have it made.

But don’t you have to be really successful to earn that title?

No. This dude didn’t even make it all the way across, and STILL he gets to be an adventurer!

You’re not gonna need those fingers, are you?


Bob, since your martial arts skills are well-known, I have a question. I’ve been studying karate for several years, and I’m not sure if my instructor is any good. How can I test myself?

Judging from this photo of karate students, I gather sticking your fingers under a moving motorcycle is one good test.

Bring yer goat, Earl, we’re gettin’ up a game!


Blog Guy, you used to write about silly sports around the world, but not lately.

Fair enough. Here are some photos of a rough-and-tumble Buzkashi match in Tajikistan yesterday.

Thrills, spills, nonstop Sudoku action!


Blog Guy, it seems like you used to have a lot more sports stuff in your blog. Throw us a bone here!

I’m happy to oblige, and your timing is perfect! Here’s a very dramatic shot from a Sudoku competition in Singapore.

Time for the cape escape, Lonnie!


Hello, and welcome back to a popular feature we like to call, “Things Maybe we should have Explained in the Caption, but Didn’t.”

The photo caption below says these guys are assistants, “preparing for a bullfight.”