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iceland-hat-crop-160.jpgBlog Guy, I know those Olympic athletes subject their bodies to a lot of torture. Which sport do you think is the most abusive? Weightlifting? Javelin? Discus?

None of those. It’s the often-underestimated Human Slingshot event.

The what?

It’s that one where swimmers stretch their rubber cap out as far as they can, then let it snap back to hit themselves in the head. They do it repeatedly, until only one is left standing. There’s no mistaking those big red welts on their ears and cheeks.

Wow, that’s harsh! What do they do to relax after THAT?

Well I’ll tell you, they sure don’t listen to an iPod!

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Jakob Johann Sveinsson of Iceland pulls off his swimming cap after competing in his men’s 200 meters breaststroke heat at the Beijing Olympic Games, August 12, 2008. REUTERS/ Wolfgang Rattay

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Honey, the President flicked me again! DO something!


Blog Guy, I see President and Mrs. Bush are watching the Olympics from the stands, just like regular people. That must be awesome, to sit near the First Family!


It depends on your perspective. I hear they can be kind of irritating sometimes. Laura Bush likes to tap people on the back and then act like she doesn’t know what happened.

Fencing: stickin’ it to the man!


fencing-0809-2-180jpg.jpgHey, Blog Guy – Can you explain how scoring works in the Olympic fencing events?

Sure. What you really want to get is an “in and out,” which means you get 100 points for running your foil all the way through your opponent. Now, if….

Archery: I remember yew…


archery-arrows-120.jpgYou know, if you look at pictures of Olympic events from past years, there’s a certain comfortable continuity. The tools of the sport – swimming pools, hurdles – look pretty much the same…

Except, what the frick are those guys using in the archery event? Those gizmos look like Inspector Gadget teamed up on a science project with Rube Goldberg!

A very goofy photo opportunity!


bush-volleyball-2-140.jpgIt’s time once again for Things Maybe We Should Have Explained in a Caption, but Didn’t.

In the photo below, we’re told the President “playfully pats the back” of a volleyball team player, “at her invitation.”

Pssst! I decided to run again, Dad!


bush-crop-0808-100.jpgWhat did one President Bush say to the other President Bush at an embassy dedication in Beijing?

Me and Laura are orderin’ some Chinese carry-out tonight, Dad. You in?”

You gonna finish this hotdog, Earl?


Well, that’s the game. Let’s try to beat the traffic. Huh? You think we need to do something about Earl? It’s been more than an hour. He looks comfy. Sort of like a hammock, you know?

Hey! WE didn’t tell him to go for that foul ball, that was his decision! It’s embarrassing enough just being in the picture!

Defiantly spinning our wheels!


bike-race-crop-140.jpgBlog Guy, I love your What Beats What? feature, and I have one for you. Which kind of bicycle is faster – racing, or stationary?

Good question! To find out, we entered a stationary exercise bike in the Tour de France. As you can see here, our bike was leading the pack when we last checked in.

What beats what, Blog Guy?


frog-and-cycle-220.jpgBlog Guy, will you help settle some bar bets about what beats what if you match them against each other?

Sure. I can set up any kind of test match for you. My budget is huge.

Okay, a guy leaping like a frog, against a Yamaha motorcycle. Who wins?

As you can see in this photo, the Yamaha creamed the leaping frog guy.

jockeys-360.jpgCool! A race horse against a massive container ship. Who wins?

Surprisingly in our test match the container ship beat three horses.

Lastly, two young punks with hammers against an older woman with a broom?

I even shot video of this one. The broom-lady creamed the punks.

Wow! This is the best online service I’ve ever seen. I’m joining your Oddly Enough Blog Facebook network.

I wish I had one pantsuit that nice!


Goodness gracious, now I’ve done it! I should have stayed with the tour, but no, I knew better!

So I guess this place must be one of those gigolo bars. Sheesh, every man in here is dressed better than I am. They all have those fancy things on their shoulders like they’re colonels or something, but I bet they’re not. They even have CAPES for cripes sake, and here I am in a plain dress!