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DANGER: Watch for falling jocks

July 1, 2008

vertical-3-200.jpgLast week I reported on the stupid sport of Appliance Golf, and now I’ve got something even dumber. It’s Vertical Soccer, which combines two of my least-favorite things: strenuous exercise and hanging from great heights.

Pay up, you old goat!

June 25, 2008

goat-cap-180.jpgBlog Guy, we’re raising money for charity. Should we hold a car wash?

Have you thought about a goat wash? You can do two at a time, as the photo below shows. Dirty goat owners would flock to you.

Hey! Follow that orange!

June 24, 2008

dutch-faces.jpgThis is a public service warning. If you know any Dutch people, you need to be very, very, careful not to confuse them.

And the fastest-growing stupid sport is…

June 23, 2008

destruction-tv-160.jpgBlog Guy, help settle an argument. What is the fastest-growing sport in the world?

Gimme a C! Gimme an H! Gimme a sexy outfit!

June 17, 2008

dream-combo-180.jpgQuick quiz: The women below are…

a) Weather ladies on a local TV news show
b) Berry Girls at a strawberry shortcake festival
c) Cheerleaders

Go ahead Doc, it’s only my eye!

June 13, 2008

lens-2-160.jpgThese days, I’m being treated to a flood of photos showing what people will do to themselves to support their favorite team at Euro 2008. Yesterday, you saw a couple of the haircuts, but it gets a lot worse than that.

Take your stylist to the cleaners!

June 12, 2008

hair-nest-200.jpgWelcome to a feature we call “Can I sue my freaking hairdresser?” Folks send us photos of God-awful hair, and we give legal advice.

You can’t HANDLE the ball!

June 11, 2008

jack-crop-140.jpgJack Nicholson reprises his role as Colonel Nathan R. Jessep in the highly anticipated revival of the play A Few Good Men.

‘Lock and load’ means it’s safe, right?

June 7, 2008

pistol-140.jpgNote to photographers: With some major sporting events coming up involving guns, it has been brought to my attention that we need to fine-tune the way we photograph such things.  

The reign in Spain is staring at the ring…

June 6, 2008

king-cap-180.jpgOh what have I done? I just came here to wear a funny costume and torture poor animals, but now the KING is here! I’m SURE it’s the king, I’ve seen him on television!