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So you guys work out, or what?

November 3, 2010


Say, you guys are kinda cute! You come here often?

bodybuilding bar face 1 200Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

I see. Yeah, I’ve heard this is a bodybuilder bar, is that what you boys do?


Well, you have real sweet smiles, both of you. No wonder the girls all love this place. Some of those other bars are so stuffy, making guys wear shirts and pants!

Handlebars are for weenies…

October 19, 2010


Blog Guy, as an avid fan of stupid sports, I loved your recent item on that Big Honking Barbell Catch. But tell us, what’s going on with Stupid Motorcycling?

Checkered days, long knights shooting chess

October 17, 2010


Boss? BOSS! Are you okay? Oh, I thought you were dead, all slumped over like that.

We stayed in the Bridle Suite, and…

October 13, 2010

Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by. Bill and I are looking at snapshots from our summer vacation out in horse country. We just got ’em back from the drugstore.

Kids, don’t try this at home…

October 11, 2010

Blog Guy, you used to do a lot more stuff on stupid sports. You filled us in on Appliance Golf, Tear Gas Tennis, the “Pedal Pathétique” bike race…  So what’s new in the  Wide World of Stupid Sports?

Captain’s log: Nightmare on Helm Street?

September 28, 2010

dream shatner 490

Blog Guy, somebody told me that in addition to giving travel and career and fashion advice, you dabble in psychiatry as well…

The world’s most dangerous sport?

September 25, 2010


Blog Guy, can you please settle a bet with my haberdasher’s chimney sweep?

That’s why I’m here, to settle stupid bets. What is it this time?

hokey pokey vertical 220What is the most dangerous game in the world? I say it’s Floppy Clown Shoe Minefield Parachuting, but the chimney sweep thinks it’s Lightning Storm Aluminum Pacemaker Pole Vaulting. Who’s right?

Shoppe ’til you droppe?

September 13, 2010

Blog Guy, you haven’t updated us on your  Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop in Washington, DC, for some time. Last we heard, it was poised to take off. So what’s new there?

What are you boys doing in this dive?

September 12, 2010

Blog Guy, I’m a woman with a question about human nature. How dumb are guys?

Excuse me?


You know, I mean how really, really stupid are they? Will they do absolutely anything if they think it will impress a pretty woman?

Putting the pull back in polo?

September 11, 2010


Today we have what may be the mother of all editions of our popular regular feature, “Stuff Maybe We Should Have Mentioned in the Photo Caption, but didn’t.”