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You must be Round John Virgin?


Blog Guy, somebody told me you’re working on a book.  I presume they meant you’re READING one?

Nope, writing one. I’m doing serious academic research into a fascinating subject.

christmas carols 490

I’ll probably be sorry I asked…

Have you ever wondered about the people mentioned in Christmas Carols? We sing their names every December, but who were they?

You mean like Jesus? We do know who he was.

BRITAIN/No, I mean the more obscure folks. Like Mary Gentlemen. You know, “God rest ye, Mary Gentlemen…” What do you suppose her story was?

A small Sunday giggle


googol gargoyles

Blog Guy, I know you have a serious background in mathematics, and I wondered if you are familiar with the term googol.

Of course. It’s a number that is equal to 1 followed by 100 zeros.

SWIMMING/Thank you so much! Where can I get more information?

Well, you could Google it.

I could Google googol?

Yeah, you’ll find a gaggle.

A googol gaggle on Google? I have another question. Do you know who wrote, “Whatever you may say, the body depends on the soul”?

Are you back again? Most popular posts for 2010


My above average readers have made this the second most popular Reuters blog for 2010, measured in both visits and page views, which is great news for me.

Of course, it’s better news for the smart guy who writes the number one blog, but still…

A great year to be alive, or at least undead



Blog Guy, is it just me, or did you write a lot more about zombies this year than you have in the past?

zombie combo 340You bet I did. If you have to be a lurching, undead brain-eater, 2010 was a good year for it.

Are we the meat in a goofy sandwich?


canada mexico poutine 490

Don’t look now, but the U.S. is surrounded. Mexico went goofy in 2010, and Canada went even goofier.

G8/This is serious. These are our closest neighbors to the north and south, but don’t ask me which is which. I guess I need a map.

Dogs and their Christmas decorations…



Blog Guy, please help settle a bet with my miniature golf instructor…

Wait a minute. Does this person help improve your miniature golf game, or is he just a short regular golf pro?

INDIA/Yes. Anyway, our question is, do dogs celebrate Christmas?

Of course. I’ll tell you something about dogs. If an event involves glad tidings of comfort and joy, and plenty of festive food, they’re going to be there for it. Look at this little dog’s obvious pride in his holiday decorations, which between us, are a bit over the top.

Another president taken down by vampires?



Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending the Insurance Salesman of the Year Dinner.

Tonight we honor one of our own – you know him as Lamar – who has set new standards for  insurance salesmanship this year.

You need a semicolonoscopy, Blog Guy!


Blog Guy, I represent some readers who want to talk to you about your punctuation.

My punctuation? But I’ve been on time nearly every day this week!

BRITAIN POLITICSThat would be punctuality. We’re more concerned about how you end sentences. You use way too many exclamation marks.

Quit Stalin, and show us the house!



Blog Guy, your readers have grown very fond of Lamar, who shows up in this blog frequently. I know he’s never photographed, but maybe we could get some kind of behind-the-scenes look at his lifestyle or whatever. He has a lot of fans out here.

HUNGARY/Sure. Maybe you’d enjoy a tour of his elegant home. Welcome to Lamar’s living room…

Round up the usual 20,000 people



Blog Guy, I remember a few months ago your Facebook Blog Network hit 10,000 members. It was a huge deal. So, any idea when you’ll hit the 20,000 mark?

milestone combo 220Indeed, it just happened. I got my 20,000th member two days ago.

Congratulations! You and your staff must be so proud. What did Reuters and Facebook do for you this time?