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Who has the worst taste on earth?


Knock-knock! Hello, are you Aisha, the daughter of fugitive strongman Muammar Gaddafi?

Who wants to know?

I believe I’m expected. I’m Lamar, the writer from “Extremely Poor Taste” magazine. I’m here for a tour of your home.

Oh yes, do come in please, Lamar. I’m so honored that your magazine is doing a cover story on my place, and I……

YOWZA! What is that big butt-ugly piece of furniture?

That’s just my golden sofa, with a golden statue of me, attached. Do you like it?

Divan intervention in Libya?



Blog Guy, I rely on your blog for most of my international news, and I’m wondering if you can help make some sense of this thing in Libya. Which side is right?

Well, I’m only speaking for myself of course, but I’ll have to go with the rebels.